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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Deathly Hallows Prerelease

My dream last night... what I can remember of it, since it happened over 12 hours ago... was very cool x)

I dreamed that I was in our Barnes and Noble just walking through when I saw them setting up a new display: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was like "OMFG THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT FOR 3 MORE MONTHS!!!" but I didn't say anything... I just grabbed a copy, paid for it and booked it out of there to start reading. I remember the cover looked different than the ones published on the internet - and I think that's what led to their mistake of releasing it early. I also know that, shortly after their mistake, they took them back and tried to figure out who they had sold them to... but I was too busy reading >:)

It started out with me reading, but then I had somehow moved into Draco Malfoy's shoes and saw the rest of the story from his POV.

Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot of the awesome details... but I do remember that it was AWESOME.

Malfoy was the little Death Eater that he ended HBP as and it started with him and Snape together somehow - since they ran from Hogwarts together. Snape was only in it for a little bit, but I think he brought Draco to his senses and convinced him to join Snape as a spy for the good side. Draco didn't want to at first, but he felt so guilty about Dumbledore that he finally agreed.

I remember there was something going on about Malfoy Manor... I think there was a horcrux hidden somewhere in the house. Lucius and Narcissa didn't know it was a horcrux, they just knew they were guarding an item for the dark lord. Draco and Snape knew what it really was, though, and they were resolved at finding it and destroying it without blowing their cover.

For some reason, Snape disappeared in this part of my dream and Draco just kind of took over...

I just remember Draco doing Voldemort's bidding and being miserable over it. Lucius started to catch on, but never said anything... and no one else seemed to notice it.

When Draco finally located the horcrux and made to take it, Lucius discovered him and demanded to know what was going on. Draco was too shocked to say anything or admit to his father what he was doing, but Lucius figured it out. Surprisingly, he wasn't disappointed, instead, he grabbed Draco by the collar and started dragging him down the stairs, "He'll know you have it." he said. "You must get as far away from here as possible."

"You knew, father?" Draco asked, looking terrified. "He'll kill you if he knows it's gone!"

"That's a chance we'll have to take." Lucius said as they made for the door out of the house. He went on to explain that he had been feeling less-than-loyal to Voldemort after Voldemort left him in Azkaban for so long. Maybe it was time for the Malfoys to make a run for it and hope the good guys prevailed.

However, as soon as they got outside, there were a whole bunch of Death Eaters there. There was a mass of confusion, no one knew what to think. I think Lucius tried to keep his cover, but the Death Eaters quickly realized what Draco was up to and the fight was on. One of them sent an attack flying at Draco, but Lucius, finally realizing his son was more important to him than Voldemort, dove in front of him to take the attack. Draco cried out as his father fell to the ground... not dead, but severely injured.

Fighting back angry tears, he turned to the attacking Death Eater and Avada Kedavra'd him. Lucius, though sputtering and dying, was so proud that his son had finally been able to achieve an unforgivable curse - he had finally been able to channel the power needed to do one. Draco knew he could only do it because of his love and respect for his father.

Anyways, it was really heart-breaking and Lucius died. I remember thinking "Oooh, that's one of the two characters to die!". Somehow, Draco got out of there with the horcrux. I think he probably apparated. Anyways, he ended up with Harry, Ron and Hermione somehow... they were angrily approaching him, wands out. Poor Draco's standing there with tears streaming down his dirt-stained face, clutching the horcrux knowing that it's all he has left... the Death Eaters probably went into the house and killed his mother shortly after he left.

I think that's kind of where my dream ended... I think Snape may have showed up to persuade the others that Draco had sacrificed his family to help destroy the dark lord. So they were going to work together to get rid of the other horcruxes.

But yeah - I've always loved the Malfoys. I'd really love to see them go out in a respectful/good-guy manner... but I'm not going to hold my breath :/


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