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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saving the World from the Past

This dream was waaay weird.

Katriena and I were at this incredible beach resort/dream vacation. It had every possible amenity you could imagine. However, we weren't fully enjoying it because we had been sent there undercover.

Something fishy was going on in this place and we were supposed to figure out what it was and then tip the good guys without blowing our cover. While we were there, we learned that, somehow, this vacation spot was on another planet different than earth. Which might have explained why natural beauty and stuff was so easy to come by!

At one point, we were sitting on the beach with some other guest, including a very tall, heavyset guy who was getting a massage from one of the resort employees. One of the other guests came over and was trying to take a picture of something. He was straining because he was so short and kept muttering "Augh, I'm not tall enough."

"I'd help," I said, "but I'm no taller than you are!"

We asked the tall-getting-a-massage guy if he would help and he was happy to oblige. He stood up and asked the other guy what he needed a picture of and the short man pointed.

There, in the sky, was a strange ring of smoke with a few dabs of smoke on the inside of the ring. This ring was HUGE, taking up much of the sky over the horizon. In the sun, it kind of seemed to glisten.

Katriena and I both stared in awe at it while the tourists took pictures.

"Oh, I get it!" I said, after thinking for a minute. "That's the smoke residue left over from the missles launched last night!" Apparently, we had all gathered together to watch some very cool missle firing show the night before on Earth before heading out to the resort.

The masseuse nodded and everyone else kind of went about their business. "Wait..." Katriena whispered as she elbowed me and pointed to the sky. "It looks like it's changing!"

Sure enough, the ring of smoke (which was made of small puffs - from each individual missle) had begun to shrink. She and I both stared at it, not alerting anyone else as to what we were seeing.

The ring continued to shrink, all of the smoke puffs moving in slowly to the center. As they moved, we saw something begin to rise from the horizon and speed towards the smoke ring.

We were speechless as we saw that the "object" speeding towards us broke up into little pieces, each headed towards its own smoke puff. About now we realized that we were seeing the missle launching in reverse - they were heading towards us.

It happened so fast, the missles went through the hoop and combined into the one large missle that had been launched the night before. The large missle then began to speed towards the ground, several miles down the shore, where it had been launched previously.

"RUN!!" Katriena and I both yelled once we realized what was coming. We both covered our heads and fell into the sand as the missle connected with the earth and caused a shattering explosion.

We survived (of course), but everything around us had turned to chaos. Things were on fire, people were screaming and running...

Katrina and I ran to hide behind some boulders to gather ourselves. "Why would we see the missles here after they were fired back home?" Katriena asked. "And why did they come backwards, rather than launch at us?"

"We've got to tell headquarters." I said as she and I snuck our way back to the main building where we would be able to make a phone call and hop on a ride back to Earth.

I called and got one of the receptionists (apparently, headquarters was a doctor's office). "I need to speak to Dumbledore." I said, "It's urgent."

"He's not in." the receptionist said.

"I need a number I can speak to him at."

"Well, if he wanted you to reach him outside of work, he would have already given you that number, wouldn't he?" the receptionist asked, clearly unwilling to help me.

"You could leave a message with me if you would like." she added. But I wasn't willing to do that. For all I knew, she could be a plant from the bad guys.

"Is anyone else there that I could talk to?" I asked, desperately, "One of Dumbledore's comrades?"

"Drew's here." she said. "I'll go get him."

Somehow, were were back on Earth and in the doctor's office a split second later, waiting for the receptionist to return with Drew.

She walked out, Drew Carey following her, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew Drew was trustworthy.

"We have something important to tell you." we said as we pulled him aside. He could see the receptionist was trying to listen in, so we went all the way to the corner of the waiting room and sat down on comfy couches.

"Did you feel an earthquake just now?" I asked him, "Like... some shaking sensation about 20 minutes ago?"

"Yes." he said, looking confused, "Just a little one."

"That settles it!" I said, suddenly understanding what everything meant.

"The resort is in the past!" I said, and Katriena seemed to have figured it all out too. "The missles that were fired from earth caused damage to the O-Zone, yes, but someone had them re-directed to the resort planet... which is the Earth of the past!"

Drew raised his eyebrows... it seemed to make sense to him too.

"The damage we are inflicting on the Earth in our time is being directed back to the Earth of the past - which means it's causing double the damage it should. Not to mention, once the damage is done, the generations of humans between then and now will have to live with that damage. If enough damage is done to the earth of the past, humans could be extinct by the time we get to our lifetime! We would cease to exist!"

"For all we know," I continued, "The missle blast that just happened in the past... that could have just cleaved North America clean in half!"

Drew then went on to thank us for doing such a good job and started rattling off about contacting Dumbledore and making a plan to save the world.

... and then I woke up!

Here's hoping we succeeded!


Thursday, February 7, 2008


One of my weirdest yet...

It started with me walking through my house when I came into my dining room (where the new tortoise is) and I saw some guy (who I immediately recognized as my non-existant boyfriend???) was working on her aquarium.

He was replacing parts of my nice new aquarium with like... plastic and cardbord. IIRC, my boyfriend and I were going through a rough spot so I managed to grab enough self-restraint to not completely chew him out on the spot. I stood there watching in horror, desperately trying to think of something positive to say before I finally said "I really like that hideout in there. It looks really nice."

He got all excited and went into a long spree about all of the plans he had for her cage. I just smiled and nodded, hoping it wouldn't end in too much death and destruction...

I looked around the room and saw pieces of junk scattered everywhere that he was obviously saving to use for cage additions. He was taping several of them on ends to make a HUGE aquarium.

I was a little wary and made it a point to remind him that my tortoise was a land tortoise and therefore couldn't swim. He just nodded his head in a "yeah yeah" way and went back to work. I told him to fix it while I went outside and helped my dad.

My dad had made a Majora's Mask and had asked me to paint it. I was painting it for him (and someone was driving a crane with a wrecking ball around the back yard) when I looked at the clock and realized that I was an hour late for work. I yelled at dad for making me late and ran inside.

I came inside to find the huge tank overflowing with water. My tortoise was sitting, submerged, on one of the ledges and he was completely waterlogged and swollen. I dove in to grab him and pulled him up.

Unsure of what to do or if it was too late, I did shell chest compressions on him. He started spitting out water and breathing again. He seemed to be okay, but he still looked soaked, swollen, and horrible.

I went into the living room to find and chew out my boyfriend and was met by TONS of animals. We had like... three cats, a snake, and all kinds of random exotic creatures. He had even used my tortoise's old tank to make a cage for a lemur!

I saw him through the window - he was walking up the sidewalk with our dogs. I stormed up to him with my poor tortoise in my hand and really gave it to him - possibly even demanding he move out.

And that's all I remember of that one xD


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Muct Ado about Shamu

My dream the other night was really random...

It involved a massive post-wedding party for one of my friends at her parents' place... and then after it, on our drive back into town, we kept seeing all of these HUGE promotions! They were clues alluding to some sort of gigantic thing that was about to happen.

Just when the suspense was about to kill me, they revealed the answer: They would be building a Sea World in my little Wyoming town xD


And then I thought "Wtf we're nowhere near a sea! And why would they build it here.... in this town of only 50,000 people... way out of the tourist loop?"

But whatever, my excitement way outweighed my confusion ;)


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Trashy Novel" Musical Dream

This was a weird but kind of awesome one...

First it started out with Shannon and I in a Safeway or something. It turned out that they had this old bear stuffed animal (with a white "founding fathers" wig o___O) that would bring immense luck to whoever owned it. Shannon decided she wanted to buy it and we were going to have trouble getting it because some of the evil girls from my high school were trying to get it too. Anyways, somehow Shannon enlisted the help of an old Indian man who mysteriously caused Shannon to get the bear while I waylayed the girls from my high school.

We made them think I was the one buying the bear so they were all chasing me around - and then it turned out that I was really buying a stuffed squid while Shannon was walking out of the store with the bear and thanking the Indian man for his help.

My mom picked us up and we started going out of town. I asked her where we were going and she said that we were going to visit a doctor I used to work for. She said that this doctor was pregnant (almost due) and we were going to cheer her up. Apparently, she's currently single and she's kind of upset about that.

We were sitting in the kitchen with Shannon and some other ladies and two really handsome men showed up. One of them was wearing a flamboyant tuxedo and the other was wearing a fireman's suit. Both of them were incredibly attractive, but the guy in the tuxedo was moreso - and the fireman just kind of melted into the background while the tuxedo guy began to woo the doctor and they both went upstairs (leaving all of the women drooling in the kitchen). Several of the other women went upstairs too, leaving me, my sister, some older lady, and the fireman.

"She doesn't look like she needs cheering up to me!" I said, watching the hot tuxedo guy help her up the stairs. "Who is that hot guy?? I'll bet he's the father!"

"Actually, no." they explained. The fireman spoke up for the first time, explaining that he was the father. He had had a crush on the doctor for a very long time and one night while she was a little drunk, he misunderstood her advances and slept with her. I looked disgusted, thinking the fireman was a total pig as he broke into song (apparently, this dream was now a musical).

He sang about how he really loved her and he regretted sleeping with her too soon - especially since it seems like he was mistaken in thinking her feelings were the same for him. He sang about how he still loved her even though she wanted nothing to do with him and he hoped that she would put aside her differences long enough so that he could have a relationship with their child at least.

I was moved, and probably tearful as the fireman slowly got up and left. I looked around at the lady and said "Holy crap! He's hot, caring, remorseful, and he's an amazing tenor!! Why doesn't she like him???" The lady explained that the doctor had fallen for the tuxedo guy a long time ago purely on looks (though the fireman wasn't that bad looking either!) and that her obsession with him had grown so much that she could hardly stand the thought of another man. The fireman really cared for her and would try to get her to date him but, though she liked him as a friend, she never was interested in him. After she became pregnant, the tuxedo guy started to finally return her feelings, though everyone honestly thinks it was for more evil reasons... and no one can explain his change of heart for her. No one trusts the handsome tuxedo guy and they all thought she'd be better off with the fireman, the father of her baby. But I was honestly really starting to crush on the fireman too - thinking if she didn't want him, I sure would!

Anyways, somehow she and I went out... I think she ran away and I was chasing her or something. She was really upset about something and she ended up holding up a train. All of the guys on the train were yelling at her for being a "Crazy bitch" and I was trying to get her to calm down when a third uber-hot guy showed up: a policeman.

She was really hard to subdue and the policeman ended up bending steel around her body to hold her off. (I was mentally gone by now... fawning over him). He put me in handcuffs and made us get on the ground before lecturing us and sending us home.

As we got home (it was a deserted dorm for some reason), my mom turned out to be that old lady that we had talked to earlier. Shannon was in there with her bear and the lady asked me how it went. I told her that I hadn't heard a word the hot policeman had said because I was laying on the ground in handcuffs and that was all I could think about xD!!!

Anyways, from there the whole drama part really stopped and the dream just focused on cooking from there on. No idea why, but it did. I just thought that dream was hilarious... and I was rooting for the poor fireman!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Arcade Worker

My dream last night featured me, having lost my job from the hospital. I had been hired on to help out at a mall arcade...

Anyways, I was at work and my sister showed up and started to steal from the claw machine (which, randomly, offered apples as a prize...). I was about to tell her to stop when my boss caught us and, in a rage, called an emergency team meeting.

I told him that not many people would be interested in actually paying to use the claw (it was like $2.65 for a go!) and that we would be better served if we lowered the price... or filled it with cooler toys - like Hannah Montana or something.

At some point, I was worried that I would lose my arcade job too - which I really needed since I found out I was pregnant and I knew I'd need a job so that I could support the baby.

Weird, huh?


Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Kitty

I had an adorable dream last night...

All I remember was that I was a witch (too late reading Wicked, I'm guessing) and I had this silly little moped. I was somehow on exile and trying to escape from these evil people... I think I had a young boy with me (again, Wicked).

But the best part was that, halfway through I somehow ended up with this ADORABLE kitten!! It was grey with black stipes and he was soooo precious! He would love to sit on my shoulder and he just had to be held by me at all times... he was so sweet!

And... I named him Chester. xD No idea why, but his name was Chester.

So we were talking about pets today at one of my friends' parties and one of the girls has a boyfriend who's a vet in town. I guess they ended up with a bunch of kittens... some of which are grey...

I'm totally tempted to just take one and hope my apartment people don't find out D: I mean, I dreamed it, so it's a SIGN that I need to get a grey kitty, right!?

*totally wants one like SO bad now* And how would they ever even know? I mean there's a $250 fine if they find out you have a pet... but that's nothing, I'd pay that. I just wonder if they fine you and then evict you... or if they fine you and say "Keep it on the down low and we'll let you stay here".

It's better to ask forgiveness than for permission, right?


Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Superhero Dream

This was some weird... futuristic dream or something.

All I remember was that a bunch of humans - everyone I was with (I must have been at school or something?) anyways, we were all slated for extinction. Some other humans (the bad guys) had created a breed of superhumans that would eliminate us.

We either had to evolve or die. It pretty much came down to that.

So a lot of the people I was with started coming out with about four different superhero powers that would save them. I know some people could run really fast - some could fly, etc. But nothing was happening to me - and I started to freak out, knowing that if I didn't develop powers sometime soon, I was going to die.

One of my friends, who had already gained hers told me not to worry and they were usually triggered by a stressful event. I was like "And knowing I'm about to be killed isn't stressful enough!?"

Anyways, I forget how exactly it happened, but I developed a power they called "White Skin" or something xD Yes, I know it sounds totally racial, but one of my black friends in my dream had the power too... so it had nothing to do with actual skin color. The White Skin was one of the rarer powers - and one of the more helpful ones. It allowed the user to... kind of become invisible. They wouldn't become invisible, you'd still be able to see them - but they'd look more hazy, whited-out and attacks at them would go right through them. It was entirely defensive, but really helpful.

Shortly after I got my power and was still trying to learn how to use it (desperately trying to learn it fast because I knew I'd need it very soon) we went into this large auditorium and sat down. Next thing we knew, the auditorium was really a large airplane and we were taking off. "They're gonna crash it!" everyone was yelling, "We're all gonna die!"

Smart way to finish off all of the flying and speedy humans... but not the white-skinned ones... I still hadn't really gotten the hang of my power yet, but I knew my two friends sitting by me (a guy and a girl) would die if we crashed, so I grabbed their arms and concentrated. You would become a mist by squinting your eyes and concentrating on nothing else but disappearing. I did that and, because I was holding onto them, they were saved.

The plane crashed, and the few of us that survived walked out of the rubble to be met by some of the bad people. One of them grabbed me aside, not knowing I had developed a power yet. He threw me to my knees and aimed a machine gun at my head. I was scared, but the bullets went right through me after activating my power. "Oh, you've got white skin..." he said - I remember wanting to make a joke about freckles or something xD But I figured my safety was still pretty fragile at this point so I needed to escape while I could.

Anyways, we went back to this large... 17-story building or something that the heroes lived in. I felt really weird going back since I had never been in there - having only just received my powers, but I followed some random people in and was surprised to find a room with my name on it!

... but it belonged to another Jessi o____O

Anyways, then the building went under attack and we all went out to fight together - positioning the white-skinned people within groups of fighters so that we could grab onto them and protect them when needed.

There were a lot more cool details to this dream that I don't really remember... but I think one of the bad guys came over to our side after I saved his life... and he ended up being one of our best informants and one of my best friends x) It was a pretty cool dream, I wish I could remember more of it!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chinese Warrior Dream

This is what happens the night before a final, I guess xD

Anyways, this dream was about a handsome, young imperial Chinese warrior. The story seemed like it took place at a time of like... Mulan's period but, for some reason, there was a train in it xD

Anyways, the boy lived in a village that was out in the woods and kind of far away from anywhere else. The town was so small that, since he was the only boy his age, he had to do a lot of the grunt work. One of his jobs was to ride on the train when the townspeople needed to go to the next town and protect it from any wild animals that may cause trouble.

Almost every time that they leave, they always get ambushed by a pack of wolves. He always tries to fight them off and he always fails - it's a wonder the poor boy isn't dead yet!

So they're on their way back in the train and he's feeling glum knowing the wolves are going to attack any moment. Sure enough, the wolves attack and the boy jumps after them to ward them off, the first wolf gets a hit on him before suddenly - out of nowhere, a goose flutters down and lands on his shoulder.

He tried to shake the goose off as another wolf dove for him and hit an invisible wall in between the boy and the wolf. Another wolf dove at him and another, each of them bouncing off of a protective shield that had now formed around the boy. The boy knew this field could only be attributed to the goose which was still doing its best to stay rooted on his shoulder.

Feeling empowered, he began to attack the wolves one-by-one, either slaying them or scaring them off. Eventually a wolf the size of an elephant showed up and the boy was even able to scare that one off.

The townspeople were overjoyed! They had made it back from the other village without loosing half of their purchased produce!

The old shaman woman in town (this is where it turns more Native American than Chinese xD) called him to her and asked him to recount his story of how he had defeated the wolves. The boy told her, and told her of the goose which he had left at his house in the fenced yard. The old woman nodded and seemed to understand the goose's appearance as a sign. She then gave him a large beaded necklace (that looked very Hawaiian) and removed the shoes off of her feet to give to him. At first he said "no" thinking they would surely be too small (he had very large feet) but she insisted and he took them, surprised to find they miraculously grew to fit him perfectly. The shoes were equipped with small concealed blades that would come out of the heel and the toe. They could be hidden back inside the sole simply by stepping down to put weight on the boot.

After she had given him the gifts, the old woman explained to him that the goose was a sign that he needed to go on a journey to find religion. She told him of a statue he would have to find and burn incense at the bottom of it in order to "find religion". He would go through many trials on the way there and the road wouldn't be easy, but if he took the goose, he was sure to succeed.

So the boy leaves and a few miles out of town he finds his older brother tending sheep and stops to talk to him and tell him the story. The brother wonders if the boy is ready for such a journey, but wishes him luck.

Then, a young warrior woman appears from behind a cobblestone wall. She has her black hair in two braids and her eyes are closed as if she were praying. The boys are surprised and say "Hello" before she speaks. She says "Why does evil wear itself in eyes of green?" as soon as she speaks the word "green" her eyes flew open to show her emerald green eyes, perfectly matching her little green suit.

The boys are stunned by her beauty (which, BTW, for some reason, this girl looked exactly like Catherine Zeta-Jones {minus the eye color} and her voice was {get this} Miss Piggy's xD!!!! I'm totally serious!!!). Anyways, she begins to tempt our young hero, making passes at him and flirting. The poor boy is still fairly young and very pure so he has no idea how to react. His brother warns him she could be a trap, but the boy refuses to believe it and slowly starts to give in to her advances...

Right then, something said "WRONG ANSWER!!!!" and that story just kind of cut out xD After that, it was me and one of my sisters (I think it was Erin) who had been watching the whole thing and we started to discuss what had just happened. Erin said she knew why he had the wrong answer - it was because he was promised to a young girl back in the village. By starting to give in to the warrior temptress, he was going back on his promise to the girl.

I remember wondering "This is MY dream... how the heck did Erin know that? I don't remember a girl... Meh, whatever."

I also remember thinking of how the story would have progressed from there: the boy would have realized it was wrong and would have said "No". Then Catherine would have attacked and they would have to fight. He probably would have killed her and then have been shocked to see her beautiful flesh melt away to reveal a creepy demon. Then he would have been appalled and would vow never to let that happen again, lest the woman really be another demon.

And that was it... xD Weird, huh?


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Deathly Hallows Prerelease

My dream last night... what I can remember of it, since it happened over 12 hours ago... was very cool x)

I dreamed that I was in our Barnes and Noble just walking through when I saw them setting up a new display: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was like "OMFG THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT FOR 3 MORE MONTHS!!!" but I didn't say anything... I just grabbed a copy, paid for it and booked it out of there to start reading. I remember the cover looked different than the ones published on the internet - and I think that's what led to their mistake of releasing it early. I also know that, shortly after their mistake, they took them back and tried to figure out who they had sold them to... but I was too busy reading >:)

It started out with me reading, but then I had somehow moved into Draco Malfoy's shoes and saw the rest of the story from his POV.

Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot of the awesome details... but I do remember that it was AWESOME.

Malfoy was the little Death Eater that he ended HBP as and it started with him and Snape together somehow - since they ran from Hogwarts together. Snape was only in it for a little bit, but I think he brought Draco to his senses and convinced him to join Snape as a spy for the good side. Draco didn't want to at first, but he felt so guilty about Dumbledore that he finally agreed.

I remember there was something going on about Malfoy Manor... I think there was a horcrux hidden somewhere in the house. Lucius and Narcissa didn't know it was a horcrux, they just knew they were guarding an item for the dark lord. Draco and Snape knew what it really was, though, and they were resolved at finding it and destroying it without blowing their cover.

For some reason, Snape disappeared in this part of my dream and Draco just kind of took over...

I just remember Draco doing Voldemort's bidding and being miserable over it. Lucius started to catch on, but never said anything... and no one else seemed to notice it.

When Draco finally located the horcrux and made to take it, Lucius discovered him and demanded to know what was going on. Draco was too shocked to say anything or admit to his father what he was doing, but Lucius figured it out. Surprisingly, he wasn't disappointed, instead, he grabbed Draco by the collar and started dragging him down the stairs, "He'll know you have it." he said. "You must get as far away from here as possible."

"You knew, father?" Draco asked, looking terrified. "He'll kill you if he knows it's gone!"

"That's a chance we'll have to take." Lucius said as they made for the door out of the house. He went on to explain that he had been feeling less-than-loyal to Voldemort after Voldemort left him in Azkaban for so long. Maybe it was time for the Malfoys to make a run for it and hope the good guys prevailed.

However, as soon as they got outside, there were a whole bunch of Death Eaters there. There was a mass of confusion, no one knew what to think. I think Lucius tried to keep his cover, but the Death Eaters quickly realized what Draco was up to and the fight was on. One of them sent an attack flying at Draco, but Lucius, finally realizing his son was more important to him than Voldemort, dove in front of him to take the attack. Draco cried out as his father fell to the ground... not dead, but severely injured.

Fighting back angry tears, he turned to the attacking Death Eater and Avada Kedavra'd him. Lucius, though sputtering and dying, was so proud that his son had finally been able to achieve an unforgivable curse - he had finally been able to channel the power needed to do one. Draco knew he could only do it because of his love and respect for his father.

Anyways, it was really heart-breaking and Lucius died. I remember thinking "Oooh, that's one of the two characters to die!". Somehow, Draco got out of there with the horcrux. I think he probably apparated. Anyways, he ended up with Harry, Ron and Hermione somehow... they were angrily approaching him, wands out. Poor Draco's standing there with tears streaming down his dirt-stained face, clutching the horcrux knowing that it's all he has left... the Death Eaters probably went into the house and killed his mother shortly after he left.

I think that's kind of where my dream ended... I think Snape may have showed up to persuade the others that Draco had sacrificed his family to help destroy the dark lord. So they were going to work together to get rid of the other horcruxes.

But yeah - I've always loved the Malfoys. I'd really love to see them go out in a respectful/good-guy manner... but I'm not going to hold my breath :/


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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mutant Puppy

I had a really weird dream last night that I got a puppy. I went to my grandma's vet and there was a box of unwanted puppies free for the taking. How could I turn one down!?

I picked a... beagle, fox terrier, dachshund mix. He was soooo cute, he was smaller than Libby but not too small. He had a cute little scruffy beard and he was honey-colored. Oh my goodness he was adorable. I forget what I named him, though xD

Anyways I took him back home and he turned out to be as sweet as he looked and everyone loved him. For some reason, I wanted him to be an actor (xD) so I kept training him in that manner.

Anyways, I was passing him around for people to see and pet when I noticed there was something different about him. He had five legs!! One side had a third leg that was twisted strangely. And, on top of that, he seemed to have three tails too.

I wasn't too bothered - at least he'll have a good home with me, I thought. But my dad said that those mutations would probably cut the poor puppy's life short :(

I was sad and vowed to give him a good life as long as I could.

That was pretty much it. That puppy was the sweetest little thing, though!!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Ambassadors

This was one of the coolest dreams I've had in a long time... and I think it would definitely make like... and awesome series!

A little background info: I think it took place in the future. The government had had a strange run-in with aliens (they tried to assassinate the president? I don't know - but something big happened) but they were able to fight the aliens off. However, the aliens left a mysterious portal where they left and the government wasn't able to figure out how to get rid of it. As far as they could tell, the portal was harmless but, just in case the aliens tried to come back through it, they boxed it up in glass and put it under 24-hour military surveillance. They let normal people walk through just to see it too, just as a reminder that their powerful government had sent an alien race running!

Enter our heroes. For some reason, these kids were a LOT like Harry, Ron, and Hermione... xD But anyways, two boys and a girl - all best friends on a class trip to see the portal. They're about ten and they're excited to see it. The class files through and gets a close look, oohing and aahing the whole time while the other three (who, unfortunately were never named... so I'll just call them Harry, Ron, and Hermione) take their turn. However, as soon as HHR stepped in front of the portal, it reacted. The glass was blown away and the soldiers guarding it were too, the portal started to swirl and before they knew it, the ground had disappeared and they were no longer in the portal observatory room.

Instead, the three kids (who are scared to death right now) are standing in a purpley-blue swirly nothingness where a few aliens approach them. The aliens are tall and silver-colored. They're very thin and they have hair-like tendrils that fall back off of their head. They have blue alien-like eyes and smooth, shiny skin.

The kids are pretty much too scared to talk, so the aliens take the initiative. The aliens go off explaining that they tried to destroy the human race as they find us unworthy to inhabit the planet earth. They've tried several times before and have succeeded, wiping out sinful nations (the Mayans, the Egyptians, etc. etc.), but they got caught up in the futuristic weapons America had when they tried to wipe out America.

The kids keep listening as the aliens say they had lost hope but didn't want to give up on the planet. They decided to keep a portal open and to monitor it to see if anyone they could use walked past it.

By now, one of the kids speaks up (probably Harry) and said "wtf do you mean by 'use'?"

The aliens go on to say that they'd just like to see proof that there is some good in the human race. The three kids are all pure of heart and their friendship bonds are strong - making them good candidates to prove the worth of humans.

They then challenge the kids to go back to earth and find a way to prove to them that there is still some good left in humans. They leave them with a means of communicating whenever they need to (cup their hand over their left ear and speak outloud "I request an audience with _____" to get a private purple-swirly room to talk in while regular time stands still.). The kids are now the aliens' ambassadors and are sent back in to their world.

Each of the kids wakes up in their own bed but find that something really strange has happened - all of them are exactly 7 years older. And what's weirder, all of their un-lived memories from the last 7 years come flooding back to them - things they did, people they met, places they went... all as if they were observing someone else live their lives on cruise control.

Hermione requests a conference and when they all get together they say things like "Holy crap 7 years!" and "Wow, you too??". They then start to share their memories...

Harry is a basketball star for his high school - he's way hot and every girl in school wants to date him. He has problems having real friends, though. He, Ron, and Hermione fell apart shortly after their experience with the portal - Hermione's parents moved across town and she had to transfer schools so they just never saw her anymore, and he and Ron just went their separate ways.

Hermione, upon arriving at her new school joined the Science/Math team. She's super smart (again, like Hermione xD) and she has a MAJOR crush on her science teacher... like, to the point where she fantasizes about someday marrying him, even though he's like 20 years older than her :o She got so caught up in school that she didn't get much of a chance to see Harry and Ron anymore... but now, as a child newly in her 17-year old body, she's sad to hear that.

Ron looks dejected when he shares his story, his parents had a falling-out (mother busted for drugs or something?) and Ron has developed some drug habits of his own... after he lost Hermione and Harry got really popular, Ron turned to the first group in school that would accept him: the druggies. He's tried some hard stuff, but I don't think he really stuck with it. He was still a regular pot-user, though. And he had lost his virginity shortly after he turned 15. He's done terribly in his classes and he's broken into stores a few times, getting him in trouble with the law.

Child-Ron in the 17-year-old Ron's body felt really bad about how his life turned out. They began talking about if it would be possible to turn their lives back around - to be friends as they once were.

By this time, an alien has showed up to their conference and listens in as they talk. While sharing their memories, all three of them find that, for some reason between the time when they were 11 to the time when they turned 14, their memories are fuzzy.

"They're there," the girl explains, "But they don't seem as clear as the others... and I seem to have a lot of trouble remembering them."

The alien explains that those memories have been tampered with and it will be up to the kids to find out when and how and to replace the tampered memories with the real ones. Because the kids have "special powers" (not really, but kind of, since they've been to the alien realm) they can tell the difference between real memories and tampered ones... no one else they'll talk to will be able to tell that their memories are ever fuzzy in spots.

(I decided later that this period of time would have been a time when the government {American or UN} tried to launch an offensive attack on the aliens... I'm not sure whether they succeeded or lost or whatever, but I know that whatever they did was dirty. Lots of people were hurt or died or whatever {oooh, maybe Ron's mother was really killed then and she didn't disappear due to drug use! ;D That would make an awesome twist, huh?} Anyways, in order to cover their asses and still look like the amazing government they wanted people to think they were - they replaced three years-worth of memories on every living human...)

Anyways, the kids miss their old relationship but also agree that it'd be weird if they randomly started hanging out together again... so they decide to continue down their separate paths for now, making small, believable opportunities to get back together. They'll work individually for now to find ways to prove that the human race is worthy of survival...

That's kind of where my dream stuff stopped, but here's what I've decided would happen from there...

The kids, even though their intentions were good, fall into their cut out routines. They get busy and no longer call audience with each other... they fall apart again.

The aliens find their ties with the three getting loose too and are having trouble contacting them or getting them to respond, so they launch an all-out... something. Some catastrophic event takes place (aliens send a meteor to destroy Antartica or something?) and the kids force themselves back together, agreeing that they were stupid to put it off and that they've been given a task to do, they need to do it.

And that's where we leave off x) Of course the kids would then go on to discover the government's really the bad guy here and they'd reveal them as such and prove the humans are worth saving. Eventually, the humans and aliens would become great friends... I think I even went so far as to have grown-up Ron marry one of the aliens :)

Awesome, huh? I actually think it's make a really cool graphic novel or something xD


The New Dorm

This was this first dream I had last night (I had two really memorable... how weird is that??)

Anyways, it took place in like "real life" setting to start off with. One of the other RAs found me and said "Oh there you are, Jessi. Tansey was looking for you, I think you've been fired." I was like "WTF!?!?" and stormed off to their office to demand an explanation.

When I got there, they were both glad to see me and said they had just decided to offer me a new position. Feeling relieved that I wasn't fired, I stayed to listen. They wanted to know if I would switch buildings to another dorm. At first I didn't understand... we only have three dorms and all of them were fully-staffed! But they said "Oh no, we're opening a new one across the lake!" (lake? There's no lake within 20 miles of our campus xD)

Apparently they wanted it all set up and ready to go so that summer students could stay there and they wanted three RAs, one from each hall to head out there to start getting things ready. At this point I was still kind of skeptical... not sure if I really wanted to pack up all of my stuff and leave with only 8 weeks of school left anyways, but then Barb said "In order for us to take you for the new dorm, you have to answer a few questions."

She then started quizzing me on the renal system diseases and functions and, when I had answered like... 12 questions in a row told me I had done a great job xD We all went down to the dock and hopped in the boat so we could head across the lake to the new dorm.

As we pulled up I said "Hey wait, I know this place!!" And I did! I told them it was the school's older library! And that my parents and I had seen it when we had toured the campus a few years ago. Barb said "Yep! That's it! We've newly renovated it to act as a dorm suite now!" The library was still kind of in action - with books still out and stuff, but halls had been added out to each side for rooms.

We started looking around as they explained it. The new dorm would be a Tiki/Island themed dorm for the summer. The path had tiki torches, there would be BBQs every night and hula lessons... it would be an all out RESORT, really. And several residents had already shown up! Several of them were nontraditional, I remember.

So they were orienting us and I remember thinking, "Hey, I could learn to like this!!"

... and that was it. Weird, huh?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Young Detective Dream

What a weird... and kind of cool one! It started out with my sister Erin coming in and saying "MacGyver's almost on!!" I was like "meh" because I don't watch TV shows really and don't like getting into them when I know I'll never watch them again. But I was too lazy to move, so I started it.

The show was about some old guy and his wife walking with some kid at an air terminal. You learn that the old guy is a retired detective-turned flight instructor now and he's talking to the young boy (26, also a flight instructor) about going back to flight school.

Well the young guy is going (we never learn his name) and the old guy, I guess is "MacGyver". So the young guy's packing up his jeep/4-runner and the old guy says "Wait, I brought you these." and stuffs a backpack and red lunch box into the back seat. The kid says thanks, hugs them both (or shakes hands?) and goes on his way.

It's kind of a long drive because he was coming from somewhere in Texas and is now headed for Chicago, but he gets there. So there he is, driving around town, his music way loud, jamming along. It's a dark, foggy night, but he's not bothered by it.

He comes up over a hill and what he sees makes him cry "OH SHIT!!!" and slam on his breaks, spinning barely to a stop before he hits the first car in a fifty car pile-up. The cars are piled up in a T-shape and have recently crashed because all of the engines are still smoking. (Way eerie effect with all of the steaming engines and creepy fog!) So he ducks over and pulls a handgun out of his glove compartment and climbs out of his car to see if anyone needs help.

He looks in the first car... no one's there. "They must have been ejected!" he thinks as he checks the next one and the next one. He keeps going down the line, slowly realizing that - in the dead silence, he is the only one on that street. Where were all of the drivers!? He cocks his gun and looks around nervously when the sound of sirens strikes through the silence.

Fifteen cop cars or so all surround him and the loudspeaker yells out "DROP YOUR WEAPON!!!" he does, and 20-or-so guns get cocked and pointed at him. "Look guys," he tries to explain, "I just got here a minute or two before you - came across this accident and wanted to check it out... no one's here, though, everyone has vanished!"

"GET ON THE GROUND!" they yell, not listening to a word he's saying. Once they get him bound with handcuffs and checked for other weapons, one of them sits to listen to his story while some more of them check his car. After all, he's the only witness and only suspect on the scene of the accident.

I remember thinking at this part "Oooooh, I hope that old guy didn't plant anything detrimental into his lunch box!!"

Unfortunately for our hero, that's exactly what he's done. I know his backpack looked like it had a bomb in it - not sure if it actually did and his lunchbox had a letter written to the police department telling them that this guy was a young detective hopeful and they should lock him up overnight so that he'd get a chance to experience jail xD (wtf!!)

So they come back and the kid, also realizing that he has no idea what's in his lunch box says "Nothing there, I hope." and the older guy holding the note says, "We're going to have to take you in."

Cut scene back to jail - they're walking in... our young guy (still clueless) for some reason has a really pretty girl with him... like she works for the police department and wanted to get up on him while he was going into the slammer? No idea. Anyways they say "I'm not sure if you should really have to stay here tonight, but when someone requests to stay house, we don't turn 'em down. Especially the young ones - we get most of our funding from the young ones."

The young guy looks confused, "Stay house?" (apparently this is a Rose's Dream Slang to mean "stay in jail" xD) "I don't want to stay here, where'd you get that idea??"

I'm not sure whether they explain the note to him or just haul him off, because that's where my dream ended xD

While I was taking a shower, though, I was thinking about possibilities of where to go from there... if the kid figures out why he's there and uses his one phone call to call McGyver? (and then would he get pissed and say "Gee, great way to start me off as a detective - with a criminal record... Thanks, Mac! FOR NOTHING!") And if, during school, he gets sucked back into this case and ends up solving it? And then what was the reason the people just up and vanished?? I was wondering if there's some kind of vapor explosion that could disintegrate all life forms on the drop of a hat... and immediately clear out (so our hero wasn't affected when he got there)

Yeah, weird one, huh? I thought it started out pretty cool, though - wouldn't that make a good detective story?? Minus all of the weird, dreamy parts, of course? xD


Friday, March 16, 2007

Harry Potter Dream

I don't remember a lot of it other than the fact that it started out in a locker room for some reason...

And then I was out on the street in front of our house with our Pot(ter)-Luck regulars and we were talking about flying on brooms. They were saying "Go on, Jessi, give it a shot!" and I'd say "No, guys!! You know I haven't been able to get off the ground for years now!! I just lost my flying ability!"

Well anyways, somehow they talked me into trying again, so I put the broom between my legs, and closed my eyes in deep concentration. Before I knew it, I was floating a little off the ground! I opened my eyes excitedly as the Pot(ter)-Luck crew cheered and I quickly bent low over the broom and darted up the street as fast as I could x)

They seemed concerned about me flying so fast when I was so out of practice, but I flew back and said "This settles it, guys!! Call the parade committee and tell them we'll be flying in this year's parade!!"

Was it the CFD parade? I have no idea xD But I love the idea of flying brooms for a parade... it'd be like... one step up on the Shriners xD

*would totally love to fly on a broom now and is bummed that it was only a dream*


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cardiac Arrest

Okay, this is the freaky dream that I had about a week ago... but I still had to post about it :o

So I was dreaming that I was back on Tele, but this time with a friend of mine (Courtney). They had assigned the both of us to a very old gentleman who looked completely miserable. He was sleeping or something when we walked in the room.

I just looked at him and frowned before turning to Courtney, "Why'd they give us this guy??" I asked, "He looks like he's an inch from death!"

No sooner had I said it when all of the sudden his heart monitors started screaming - he had gone into cardiac arrest!!

Needless to say, I panicked and was like "OMFG I JINXED HIM INTO DEATH OMG HE'S GONNA DIE AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!" and I backed myself up against the wall, crying and feeling helpless as a team of nurses flew into the room and started CPR.

I think we brought him back, but I felt waaaay guilty. And I woke up feeling miserable about it xD;; So... from now on I vow to never jinx anyone whether they look like they're an inch from death or not o___o