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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saving the World from the Past

This dream was waaay weird.

Katriena and I were at this incredible beach resort/dream vacation. It had every possible amenity you could imagine. However, we weren't fully enjoying it because we had been sent there undercover.

Something fishy was going on in this place and we were supposed to figure out what it was and then tip the good guys without blowing our cover. While we were there, we learned that, somehow, this vacation spot was on another planet different than earth. Which might have explained why natural beauty and stuff was so easy to come by!

At one point, we were sitting on the beach with some other guest, including a very tall, heavyset guy who was getting a massage from one of the resort employees. One of the other guests came over and was trying to take a picture of something. He was straining because he was so short and kept muttering "Augh, I'm not tall enough."

"I'd help," I said, "but I'm no taller than you are!"

We asked the tall-getting-a-massage guy if he would help and he was happy to oblige. He stood up and asked the other guy what he needed a picture of and the short man pointed.

There, in the sky, was a strange ring of smoke with a few dabs of smoke on the inside of the ring. This ring was HUGE, taking up much of the sky over the horizon. In the sun, it kind of seemed to glisten.

Katriena and I both stared in awe at it while the tourists took pictures.

"Oh, I get it!" I said, after thinking for a minute. "That's the smoke residue left over from the missles launched last night!" Apparently, we had all gathered together to watch some very cool missle firing show the night before on Earth before heading out to the resort.

The masseuse nodded and everyone else kind of went about their business. "Wait..." Katriena whispered as she elbowed me and pointed to the sky. "It looks like it's changing!"

Sure enough, the ring of smoke (which was made of small puffs - from each individual missle) had begun to shrink. She and I both stared at it, not alerting anyone else as to what we were seeing.

The ring continued to shrink, all of the smoke puffs moving in slowly to the center. As they moved, we saw something begin to rise from the horizon and speed towards the smoke ring.

We were speechless as we saw that the "object" speeding towards us broke up into little pieces, each headed towards its own smoke puff. About now we realized that we were seeing the missle launching in reverse - they were heading towards us.

It happened so fast, the missles went through the hoop and combined into the one large missle that had been launched the night before. The large missle then began to speed towards the ground, several miles down the shore, where it had been launched previously.

"RUN!!" Katriena and I both yelled once we realized what was coming. We both covered our heads and fell into the sand as the missle connected with the earth and caused a shattering explosion.

We survived (of course), but everything around us had turned to chaos. Things were on fire, people were screaming and running...

Katrina and I ran to hide behind some boulders to gather ourselves. "Why would we see the missles here after they were fired back home?" Katriena asked. "And why did they come backwards, rather than launch at us?"

"We've got to tell headquarters." I said as she and I snuck our way back to the main building where we would be able to make a phone call and hop on a ride back to Earth.

I called and got one of the receptionists (apparently, headquarters was a doctor's office). "I need to speak to Dumbledore." I said, "It's urgent."

"He's not in." the receptionist said.

"I need a number I can speak to him at."

"Well, if he wanted you to reach him outside of work, he would have already given you that number, wouldn't he?" the receptionist asked, clearly unwilling to help me.

"You could leave a message with me if you would like." she added. But I wasn't willing to do that. For all I knew, she could be a plant from the bad guys.

"Is anyone else there that I could talk to?" I asked, desperately, "One of Dumbledore's comrades?"

"Drew's here." she said. "I'll go get him."

Somehow, were were back on Earth and in the doctor's office a split second later, waiting for the receptionist to return with Drew.

She walked out, Drew Carey following her, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew Drew was trustworthy.

"We have something important to tell you." we said as we pulled him aside. He could see the receptionist was trying to listen in, so we went all the way to the corner of the waiting room and sat down on comfy couches.

"Did you feel an earthquake just now?" I asked him, "Like... some shaking sensation about 20 minutes ago?"

"Yes." he said, looking confused, "Just a little one."

"That settles it!" I said, suddenly understanding what everything meant.

"The resort is in the past!" I said, and Katriena seemed to have figured it all out too. "The missles that were fired from earth caused damage to the O-Zone, yes, but someone had them re-directed to the resort planet... which is the Earth of the past!"

Drew raised his eyebrows... it seemed to make sense to him too.

"The damage we are inflicting on the Earth in our time is being directed back to the Earth of the past - which means it's causing double the damage it should. Not to mention, once the damage is done, the generations of humans between then and now will have to live with that damage. If enough damage is done to the earth of the past, humans could be extinct by the time we get to our lifetime! We would cease to exist!"

"For all we know," I continued, "The missle blast that just happened in the past... that could have just cleaved North America clean in half!"

Drew then went on to thank us for doing such a good job and started rattling off about contacting Dumbledore and making a plan to save the world.

... and then I woke up!

Here's hoping we succeeded!