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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Trashy Novel" Musical Dream

This was a weird but kind of awesome one...

First it started out with Shannon and I in a Safeway or something. It turned out that they had this old bear stuffed animal (with a white "founding fathers" wig o___O) that would bring immense luck to whoever owned it. Shannon decided she wanted to buy it and we were going to have trouble getting it because some of the evil girls from my high school were trying to get it too. Anyways, somehow Shannon enlisted the help of an old Indian man who mysteriously caused Shannon to get the bear while I waylayed the girls from my high school.

We made them think I was the one buying the bear so they were all chasing me around - and then it turned out that I was really buying a stuffed squid while Shannon was walking out of the store with the bear and thanking the Indian man for his help.

My mom picked us up and we started going out of town. I asked her where we were going and she said that we were going to visit a doctor I used to work for. She said that this doctor was pregnant (almost due) and we were going to cheer her up. Apparently, she's currently single and she's kind of upset about that.

We were sitting in the kitchen with Shannon and some other ladies and two really handsome men showed up. One of them was wearing a flamboyant tuxedo and the other was wearing a fireman's suit. Both of them were incredibly attractive, but the guy in the tuxedo was moreso - and the fireman just kind of melted into the background while the tuxedo guy began to woo the doctor and they both went upstairs (leaving all of the women drooling in the kitchen). Several of the other women went upstairs too, leaving me, my sister, some older lady, and the fireman.

"She doesn't look like she needs cheering up to me!" I said, watching the hot tuxedo guy help her up the stairs. "Who is that hot guy?? I'll bet he's the father!"

"Actually, no." they explained. The fireman spoke up for the first time, explaining that he was the father. He had had a crush on the doctor for a very long time and one night while she was a little drunk, he misunderstood her advances and slept with her. I looked disgusted, thinking the fireman was a total pig as he broke into song (apparently, this dream was now a musical).

He sang about how he really loved her and he regretted sleeping with her too soon - especially since it seems like he was mistaken in thinking her feelings were the same for him. He sang about how he still loved her even though she wanted nothing to do with him and he hoped that she would put aside her differences long enough so that he could have a relationship with their child at least.

I was moved, and probably tearful as the fireman slowly got up and left. I looked around at the lady and said "Holy crap! He's hot, caring, remorseful, and he's an amazing tenor!! Why doesn't she like him???" The lady explained that the doctor had fallen for the tuxedo guy a long time ago purely on looks (though the fireman wasn't that bad looking either!) and that her obsession with him had grown so much that she could hardly stand the thought of another man. The fireman really cared for her and would try to get her to date him but, though she liked him as a friend, she never was interested in him. After she became pregnant, the tuxedo guy started to finally return her feelings, though everyone honestly thinks it was for more evil reasons... and no one can explain his change of heart for her. No one trusts the handsome tuxedo guy and they all thought she'd be better off with the fireman, the father of her baby. But I was honestly really starting to crush on the fireman too - thinking if she didn't want him, I sure would!

Anyways, somehow she and I went out... I think she ran away and I was chasing her or something. She was really upset about something and she ended up holding up a train. All of the guys on the train were yelling at her for being a "Crazy bitch" and I was trying to get her to calm down when a third uber-hot guy showed up: a policeman.

She was really hard to subdue and the policeman ended up bending steel around her body to hold her off. (I was mentally gone by now... fawning over him). He put me in handcuffs and made us get on the ground before lecturing us and sending us home.

As we got home (it was a deserted dorm for some reason), my mom turned out to be that old lady that we had talked to earlier. Shannon was in there with her bear and the lady asked me how it went. I told her that I hadn't heard a word the hot policeman had said because I was laying on the ground in handcuffs and that was all I could think about xD!!!

Anyways, from there the whole drama part really stopped and the dream just focused on cooking from there on. No idea why, but it did. I just thought that dream was hilarious... and I was rooting for the poor fireman!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Arcade Worker

My dream last night featured me, having lost my job from the hospital. I had been hired on to help out at a mall arcade...

Anyways, I was at work and my sister showed up and started to steal from the claw machine (which, randomly, offered apples as a prize...). I was about to tell her to stop when my boss caught us and, in a rage, called an emergency team meeting.

I told him that not many people would be interested in actually paying to use the claw (it was like $2.65 for a go!) and that we would be better served if we lowered the price... or filled it with cooler toys - like Hannah Montana or something.

At some point, I was worried that I would lose my arcade job too - which I really needed since I found out I was pregnant and I knew I'd need a job so that I could support the baby.

Weird, huh?