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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chinese Warrior Dream

This is what happens the night before a final, I guess xD

Anyways, this dream was about a handsome, young imperial Chinese warrior. The story seemed like it took place at a time of like... Mulan's period but, for some reason, there was a train in it xD

Anyways, the boy lived in a village that was out in the woods and kind of far away from anywhere else. The town was so small that, since he was the only boy his age, he had to do a lot of the grunt work. One of his jobs was to ride on the train when the townspeople needed to go to the next town and protect it from any wild animals that may cause trouble.

Almost every time that they leave, they always get ambushed by a pack of wolves. He always tries to fight them off and he always fails - it's a wonder the poor boy isn't dead yet!

So they're on their way back in the train and he's feeling glum knowing the wolves are going to attack any moment. Sure enough, the wolves attack and the boy jumps after them to ward them off, the first wolf gets a hit on him before suddenly - out of nowhere, a goose flutters down and lands on his shoulder.

He tried to shake the goose off as another wolf dove for him and hit an invisible wall in between the boy and the wolf. Another wolf dove at him and another, each of them bouncing off of a protective shield that had now formed around the boy. The boy knew this field could only be attributed to the goose which was still doing its best to stay rooted on his shoulder.

Feeling empowered, he began to attack the wolves one-by-one, either slaying them or scaring them off. Eventually a wolf the size of an elephant showed up and the boy was even able to scare that one off.

The townspeople were overjoyed! They had made it back from the other village without loosing half of their purchased produce!

The old shaman woman in town (this is where it turns more Native American than Chinese xD) called him to her and asked him to recount his story of how he had defeated the wolves. The boy told her, and told her of the goose which he had left at his house in the fenced yard. The old woman nodded and seemed to understand the goose's appearance as a sign. She then gave him a large beaded necklace (that looked very Hawaiian) and removed the shoes off of her feet to give to him. At first he said "no" thinking they would surely be too small (he had very large feet) but she insisted and he took them, surprised to find they miraculously grew to fit him perfectly. The shoes were equipped with small concealed blades that would come out of the heel and the toe. They could be hidden back inside the sole simply by stepping down to put weight on the boot.

After she had given him the gifts, the old woman explained to him that the goose was a sign that he needed to go on a journey to find religion. She told him of a statue he would have to find and burn incense at the bottom of it in order to "find religion". He would go through many trials on the way there and the road wouldn't be easy, but if he took the goose, he was sure to succeed.

So the boy leaves and a few miles out of town he finds his older brother tending sheep and stops to talk to him and tell him the story. The brother wonders if the boy is ready for such a journey, but wishes him luck.

Then, a young warrior woman appears from behind a cobblestone wall. She has her black hair in two braids and her eyes are closed as if she were praying. The boys are surprised and say "Hello" before she speaks. She says "Why does evil wear itself in eyes of green?" as soon as she speaks the word "green" her eyes flew open to show her emerald green eyes, perfectly matching her little green suit.

The boys are stunned by her beauty (which, BTW, for some reason, this girl looked exactly like Catherine Zeta-Jones {minus the eye color} and her voice was {get this} Miss Piggy's xD!!!! I'm totally serious!!!). Anyways, she begins to tempt our young hero, making passes at him and flirting. The poor boy is still fairly young and very pure so he has no idea how to react. His brother warns him she could be a trap, but the boy refuses to believe it and slowly starts to give in to her advances...

Right then, something said "WRONG ANSWER!!!!" and that story just kind of cut out xD After that, it was me and one of my sisters (I think it was Erin) who had been watching the whole thing and we started to discuss what had just happened. Erin said she knew why he had the wrong answer - it was because he was promised to a young girl back in the village. By starting to give in to the warrior temptress, he was going back on his promise to the girl.

I remember wondering "This is MY dream... how the heck did Erin know that? I don't remember a girl... Meh, whatever."

I also remember thinking of how the story would have progressed from there: the boy would have realized it was wrong and would have said "No". Then Catherine would have attacked and they would have to fight. He probably would have killed her and then have been shocked to see her beautiful flesh melt away to reveal a creepy demon. Then he would have been appalled and would vow never to let that happen again, lest the woman really be another demon.

And that was it... xD Weird, huh?