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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Custodians and the Banquet

This morning while I was taking my shower, I was remembering what it was like with the custodians in my last dorm.

My custodian there was assigned to 5th and 6th floor. She was a little older, a smoker, and she had really bad teeth. To be honest, she was a little frightening at first... But once you got to know her, she was the most humble lady of service you could ever hope to meet.

She worked hard and she did a really good job at her job. Our bathrooms were always spotless and she'd close them down twice a week to do a top-to-bottom sterilizing. Everyone on our floor loved her for that reason alone. We'd all complain like crazy when she went on vacation and her substitute just couldn't do as good a job xD That, and she was always nice to the students, saying hello and asking how their classes were going... just a generally nice person!

The second semester she came to me (the RA on fifth floor) and said that she had applied to work in the Engineering building and was wondering if I'd be willing to write her a recommendation. I told her I'd be honored - so I wrote the recommendation and delivered it personally to her boss. I said all the things I had noticed throughout the year - she was friendly, a hard worker, honest, and devoted. She even came to my floor meetings on her own free time! Even if it was just to ask when a good time to close the bathrooms for us would be - like when we were all in class or something.

Well anyways, I think she got the job lined up for the next year (no surprise there, she deserved it) and as a way of saying thanks, she nominated me for some... Outstanding Student Representative xD

Pretty much, I got a really fancy invitation to an awards banquet out of the blue one day. I was wondering "wtf I haven't done anything". But then she told me she had nominated me and I should go. I later on discovered that this was a "Dress-up" event... and it turned out to be like... all of the school big-wigs and really nice dishes and all kinds of stuff! Our custodian had nominated me... I guess for being such a friendly advocate to custodial staff - and I was up against like... 5 other students (in a campus of 12,000) for some award!! xD

Well, our custodian couldn't make it, so I sat with the rest of them at the banquet and felt like a sore thumb xD I didn't win the award, either... which was a big relief because I hadn't even really known I was up for it!

I guess it just goes to show that a little favor goes a long way! I hope our custodian is still enjoying her job too - she was the best of the best. And we all respected her for that.

I remember one of our instructors told us that they had received an email telling about a final exam in a nursing school where the last question, worth 20% of the grade was "What is the name of the woman that cleans this building?". One of the students approached the instructor afterwards and said "What is this question?? How am I supposed to know that?" and the instructor just said "Wherever you work, there will be all kinds of people working with you that are just as important. It's up to you to introduce yourself and make friends with each and every one of your co-workers if you plan on being a good nurse."

It's so interesting and it's true too... a lot of the nurses I've worked with have always said one of their best resources is their good relationship with people from other departments. I hope this is one thing I'll remember!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

NT Star!

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use 'Neopian Times Star' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

I just had to brag since it's taken me quite a few years (and even more rejected comics...) to make it this far xD SA-WEET!!!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On the News!

I was on the local news on Monday talking about STDs and sexual promiscuity in college students :B Great, huh?

Here's what happened: I was sitting in the office, working like I was supposed to - it was Presidents' Day and there was no one on campus. This was like... at 10 AM.

This lady walks through the lobby and I didn't recognize her... She came up to me and was like "Are you 18 or 19?" and I just scoffed and said, "Um no." And she explained that she was looking for someone 18 or 19 to interview. I told her that it was a holiday - there were no classes and that most everyone had either gone home for the weekend or was still asleep.

She loitered around the lobby for a few minutes before coming back over to me and saying "So... how old are you?" I told her I was 23 and she said "Oh well that won't work." And then, after a moment of thinking (and an act of desperation) she finally said "Well... you're an RA aren't you? So you might be a good one... can I interview you."

I said sure thinking that she was either for the newspaper or that she would just use my quotes for her news story or something... and then she started setting up the camera. I was like o____O WTF LADY!

She told me that there was some benefactor in town that donated a lot of money so that kids under the age of 19 could get free STD testing. She just wanted to know if we (lumping me in with teenagers) thought it was a good idea.

So I said I did think it was a good idea - that a lot of college kids simply can't afford to spend that kind of money. I also said that I'm afraid kids my age (well, kids 5 years younger than me...) just aren't very informed about STDs. They quoted me saying "Free condoms... making sure that they know tha..that... that how things spread and how to protect yourself." (yes, I stuttered. And I was avoiding eye{camera?}-contact xD And like... rolling my eyes.)

Anyways, one of my friends came into the lobby just as she was finishing up (yeah, no one came through that entire time) and she got interviewed. She was MUCH better at it than me - and she's 19, so that worked out really well xD

Anyways, my friend uploaded it to Google and a bunch of people the next day were like "OMG we saw you on the news, STD expert!!!1"

The topic wasn't embarrassing (long past that stage), I think it was the fact that I had woken up that morning, and threw on a sports bra and t-shirt. She was lucky I even brushed my hair... I just think I looked like crap xD

Anyways... that's that story.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cardiac Arrest

Okay, this is the freaky dream that I had about a week ago... but I still had to post about it :o

So I was dreaming that I was back on Tele, but this time with a friend of mine (Courtney). They had assigned the both of us to a very old gentleman who looked completely miserable. He was sleeping or something when we walked in the room.

I just looked at him and frowned before turning to Courtney, "Why'd they give us this guy??" I asked, "He looks like he's an inch from death!"

No sooner had I said it when all of the sudden his heart monitors started screaming - he had gone into cardiac arrest!!

Needless to say, I panicked and was like "OMFG I JINXED HIM INTO DEATH OMG HE'S GONNA DIE AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!" and I backed myself up against the wall, crying and feeling helpless as a team of nurses flew into the room and started CPR.

I think we brought him back, but I felt waaaay guilty. And I woke up feeling miserable about it xD;; So... from now on I vow to never jinx anyone whether they look like they're an inch from death or not o___o


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gem Hunts on the DC

Okay, so this is like, the most fun I've had in a long time... leading people on a wild goose chase, no?

Anyways, this post is a clue :) But, just to make sure y'all aren't cheating, I'll have to ask you to take the website you were at last, and invert the filename. You know, if it says "clueB.html" then change it to "Beulc.html". That's your next clue :)

Good luck!! And don't worry, I'll reward you for your patience :)