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Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Kitty

I had an adorable dream last night...

All I remember was that I was a witch (too late reading Wicked, I'm guessing) and I had this silly little moped. I was somehow on exile and trying to escape from these evil people... I think I had a young boy with me (again, Wicked).

But the best part was that, halfway through I somehow ended up with this ADORABLE kitten!! It was grey with black stipes and he was soooo precious! He would love to sit on my shoulder and he just had to be held by me at all times... he was so sweet!

And... I named him Chester. xD No idea why, but his name was Chester.

So we were talking about pets today at one of my friends' parties and one of the girls has a boyfriend who's a vet in town. I guess they ended up with a bunch of kittens... some of which are grey...

I'm totally tempted to just take one and hope my apartment people don't find out D: I mean, I dreamed it, so it's a SIGN that I need to get a grey kitty, right!?

*totally wants one like SO bad now* And how would they ever even know? I mean there's a $250 fine if they find out you have a pet... but that's nothing, I'd pay that. I just wonder if they fine you and then evict you... or if they fine you and say "Keep it on the down low and we'll let you stay here".

It's better to ask forgiveness than for permission, right?



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