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Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Superhero Dream

This was some weird... futuristic dream or something.

All I remember was that a bunch of humans - everyone I was with (I must have been at school or something?) anyways, we were all slated for extinction. Some other humans (the bad guys) had created a breed of superhumans that would eliminate us.

We either had to evolve or die. It pretty much came down to that.

So a lot of the people I was with started coming out with about four different superhero powers that would save them. I know some people could run really fast - some could fly, etc. But nothing was happening to me - and I started to freak out, knowing that if I didn't develop powers sometime soon, I was going to die.

One of my friends, who had already gained hers told me not to worry and they were usually triggered by a stressful event. I was like "And knowing I'm about to be killed isn't stressful enough!?"

Anyways, I forget how exactly it happened, but I developed a power they called "White Skin" or something xD Yes, I know it sounds totally racial, but one of my black friends in my dream had the power too... so it had nothing to do with actual skin color. The White Skin was one of the rarer powers - and one of the more helpful ones. It allowed the user to... kind of become invisible. They wouldn't become invisible, you'd still be able to see them - but they'd look more hazy, whited-out and attacks at them would go right through them. It was entirely defensive, but really helpful.

Shortly after I got my power and was still trying to learn how to use it (desperately trying to learn it fast because I knew I'd need it very soon) we went into this large auditorium and sat down. Next thing we knew, the auditorium was really a large airplane and we were taking off. "They're gonna crash it!" everyone was yelling, "We're all gonna die!"

Smart way to finish off all of the flying and speedy humans... but not the white-skinned ones... I still hadn't really gotten the hang of my power yet, but I knew my two friends sitting by me (a guy and a girl) would die if we crashed, so I grabbed their arms and concentrated. You would become a mist by squinting your eyes and concentrating on nothing else but disappearing. I did that and, because I was holding onto them, they were saved.

The plane crashed, and the few of us that survived walked out of the rubble to be met by some of the bad people. One of them grabbed me aside, not knowing I had developed a power yet. He threw me to my knees and aimed a machine gun at my head. I was scared, but the bullets went right through me after activating my power. "Oh, you've got white skin..." he said - I remember wanting to make a joke about freckles or something xD But I figured my safety was still pretty fragile at this point so I needed to escape while I could.

Anyways, we went back to this large... 17-story building or something that the heroes lived in. I felt really weird going back since I had never been in there - having only just received my powers, but I followed some random people in and was surprised to find a room with my name on it!

... but it belonged to another Jessi o____O

Anyways, then the building went under attack and we all went out to fight together - positioning the white-skinned people within groups of fighters so that we could grab onto them and protect them when needed.

There were a lot more cool details to this dream that I don't really remember... but I think one of the bad guys came over to our side after I saved his life... and he ended up being one of our best informants and one of my best friends x) It was a pretty cool dream, I wish I could remember more of it!



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