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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mutant Puppy

I had a really weird dream last night that I got a puppy. I went to my grandma's vet and there was a box of unwanted puppies free for the taking. How could I turn one down!?

I picked a... beagle, fox terrier, dachshund mix. He was soooo cute, he was smaller than Libby but not too small. He had a cute little scruffy beard and he was honey-colored. Oh my goodness he was adorable. I forget what I named him, though xD

Anyways I took him back home and he turned out to be as sweet as he looked and everyone loved him. For some reason, I wanted him to be an actor (xD) so I kept training him in that manner.

Anyways, I was passing him around for people to see and pet when I noticed there was something different about him. He had five legs!! One side had a third leg that was twisted strangely. And, on top of that, he seemed to have three tails too.

I wasn't too bothered - at least he'll have a good home with me, I thought. But my dad said that those mutations would probably cut the poor puppy's life short :(

I was sad and vowed to give him a good life as long as I could.

That was pretty much it. That puppy was the sweetest little thing, though!!



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