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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Young Detective Dream

What a weird... and kind of cool one! It started out with my sister Erin coming in and saying "MacGyver's almost on!!" I was like "meh" because I don't watch TV shows really and don't like getting into them when I know I'll never watch them again. But I was too lazy to move, so I started it.

The show was about some old guy and his wife walking with some kid at an air terminal. You learn that the old guy is a retired detective-turned flight instructor now and he's talking to the young boy (26, also a flight instructor) about going back to flight school.

Well the young guy is going (we never learn his name) and the old guy, I guess is "MacGyver". So the young guy's packing up his jeep/4-runner and the old guy says "Wait, I brought you these." and stuffs a backpack and red lunch box into the back seat. The kid says thanks, hugs them both (or shakes hands?) and goes on his way.

It's kind of a long drive because he was coming from somewhere in Texas and is now headed for Chicago, but he gets there. So there he is, driving around town, his music way loud, jamming along. It's a dark, foggy night, but he's not bothered by it.

He comes up over a hill and what he sees makes him cry "OH SHIT!!!" and slam on his breaks, spinning barely to a stop before he hits the first car in a fifty car pile-up. The cars are piled up in a T-shape and have recently crashed because all of the engines are still smoking. (Way eerie effect with all of the steaming engines and creepy fog!) So he ducks over and pulls a handgun out of his glove compartment and climbs out of his car to see if anyone needs help.

He looks in the first car... no one's there. "They must have been ejected!" he thinks as he checks the next one and the next one. He keeps going down the line, slowly realizing that - in the dead silence, he is the only one on that street. Where were all of the drivers!? He cocks his gun and looks around nervously when the sound of sirens strikes through the silence.

Fifteen cop cars or so all surround him and the loudspeaker yells out "DROP YOUR WEAPON!!!" he does, and 20-or-so guns get cocked and pointed at him. "Look guys," he tries to explain, "I just got here a minute or two before you - came across this accident and wanted to check it out... no one's here, though, everyone has vanished!"

"GET ON THE GROUND!" they yell, not listening to a word he's saying. Once they get him bound with handcuffs and checked for other weapons, one of them sits to listen to his story while some more of them check his car. After all, he's the only witness and only suspect on the scene of the accident.

I remember thinking at this part "Oooooh, I hope that old guy didn't plant anything detrimental into his lunch box!!"

Unfortunately for our hero, that's exactly what he's done. I know his backpack looked like it had a bomb in it - not sure if it actually did and his lunchbox had a letter written to the police department telling them that this guy was a young detective hopeful and they should lock him up overnight so that he'd get a chance to experience jail xD (wtf!!)

So they come back and the kid, also realizing that he has no idea what's in his lunch box says "Nothing there, I hope." and the older guy holding the note says, "We're going to have to take you in."

Cut scene back to jail - they're walking in... our young guy (still clueless) for some reason has a really pretty girl with him... like she works for the police department and wanted to get up on him while he was going into the slammer? No idea. Anyways they say "I'm not sure if you should really have to stay here tonight, but when someone requests to stay house, we don't turn 'em down. Especially the young ones - we get most of our funding from the young ones."

The young guy looks confused, "Stay house?" (apparently this is a Rose's Dream Slang to mean "stay in jail" xD) "I don't want to stay here, where'd you get that idea??"

I'm not sure whether they explain the note to him or just haul him off, because that's where my dream ended xD

While I was taking a shower, though, I was thinking about possibilities of where to go from there... if the kid figures out why he's there and uses his one phone call to call McGyver? (and then would he get pissed and say "Gee, great way to start me off as a detective - with a criminal record... Thanks, Mac! FOR NOTHING!") And if, during school, he gets sucked back into this case and ends up solving it? And then what was the reason the people just up and vanished?? I was wondering if there's some kind of vapor explosion that could disintegrate all life forms on the drop of a hat... and immediately clear out (so our hero wasn't affected when he got there)

Yeah, weird one, huh? I thought it started out pretty cool, though - wouldn't that make a good detective story?? Minus all of the weird, dreamy parts, of course? xD



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