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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The New Dorm

This was this first dream I had last night (I had two really memorable... how weird is that??)

Anyways, it took place in like "real life" setting to start off with. One of the other RAs found me and said "Oh there you are, Jessi. Tansey was looking for you, I think you've been fired." I was like "WTF!?!?" and stormed off to their office to demand an explanation.

When I got there, they were both glad to see me and said they had just decided to offer me a new position. Feeling relieved that I wasn't fired, I stayed to listen. They wanted to know if I would switch buildings to another dorm. At first I didn't understand... we only have three dorms and all of them were fully-staffed! But they said "Oh no, we're opening a new one across the lake!" (lake? There's no lake within 20 miles of our campus xD)

Apparently they wanted it all set up and ready to go so that summer students could stay there and they wanted three RAs, one from each hall to head out there to start getting things ready. At this point I was still kind of skeptical... not sure if I really wanted to pack up all of my stuff and leave with only 8 weeks of school left anyways, but then Barb said "In order for us to take you for the new dorm, you have to answer a few questions."

She then started quizzing me on the renal system diseases and functions and, when I had answered like... 12 questions in a row told me I had done a great job xD We all went down to the dock and hopped in the boat so we could head across the lake to the new dorm.

As we pulled up I said "Hey wait, I know this place!!" And I did! I told them it was the school's older library! And that my parents and I had seen it when we had toured the campus a few years ago. Barb said "Yep! That's it! We've newly renovated it to act as a dorm suite now!" The library was still kind of in action - with books still out and stuff, but halls had been added out to each side for rooms.

We started looking around as they explained it. The new dorm would be a Tiki/Island themed dorm for the summer. The path had tiki torches, there would be BBQs every night and hula lessons... it would be an all out RESORT, really. And several residents had already shown up! Several of them were nontraditional, I remember.

So they were orienting us and I remember thinking, "Hey, I could learn to like this!!"

... and that was it. Weird, huh?



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