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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cardiac Arrest

Okay, this is the freaky dream that I had about a week ago... but I still had to post about it :o

So I was dreaming that I was back on Tele, but this time with a friend of mine (Courtney). They had assigned the both of us to a very old gentleman who looked completely miserable. He was sleeping or something when we walked in the room.

I just looked at him and frowned before turning to Courtney, "Why'd they give us this guy??" I asked, "He looks like he's an inch from death!"

No sooner had I said it when all of the sudden his heart monitors started screaming - he had gone into cardiac arrest!!

Needless to say, I panicked and was like "OMFG I JINXED HIM INTO DEATH OMG HE'S GONNA DIE AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!" and I backed myself up against the wall, crying and feeling helpless as a team of nurses flew into the room and started CPR.

I think we brought him back, but I felt waaaay guilty. And I woke up feeling miserable about it xD;; So... from now on I vow to never jinx anyone whether they look like they're an inch from death or not o___o



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