Evolving Adoptables

Welcome to Solrique, the world of the Dulgomar, Larvohx, Raycaw, Snorkat, and Twarkul. You may adopt one of these little eggs to display wherever you'd like. Just remember, they need care and attention just like any other pet!! Be sure you read all of the rules before taking one of your own!

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  • Do not claim them as your own (aside from pet ownership) or say that you made them up. 'Cuz you didn't.
  • Don't edit them in any way - they like the way they look and don't want you messing with that.
  • If you're using them on Neopets and it won't let you keep the normal link, copy the "Neopets Code" - that links to my lookup.
  • Do not contact me to ask when they hatch. They will hatch whenever the heck I feel like hatching them. If you pester me about it, I'll make sure your egg is a dud :p
  • How do I do it? Chicken Smoothie has a good explanation here.
Some Helpful Tips for Prospective Owners
  • Take only ONE egg each new batch. These creatures are not all compatable with each other and may fight. To ensure the well-being of your egg, make sure that you only take one at a time.
  • If your egg is a dud (if it tips over and oozes out), simply take another one from a new batch. It's nothing you did wrong, sometimes eggs just come from a bad batch!
Ctenosaura fanticus
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For a long time the Dulgomar was thought to be extinct, but after a small colony was found up on a mountain they were put in a safe environment to ensure their survival. Dulgomar eat rocks or spicy peppers and can breathe fire once they reach a certain age. They live very long, but they can only lay one egg at a time while mating.

Ceuthophilus lavacae
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The Larvohx live in large communities where they serve one queen. While they survive on plant life most of the time, Larvohx have been known to act as parasites, feeding on beasts larger than them when plant food is scarce. As Larvohx age, they develop a unique poison that keeps them from being eaten by hungry Twarkul.

Gallus corvium
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The Raycaw is a scavenger and only hunts for itself when it has no other choice. Their chicks are very small and are flightless for a good part of their young life. When the chicks learn to fly, their parents leave them to fend for themselves. Raycaw also mate for life with one mate.

Felis scorfarus
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The Snorkat is a very vain creature who spends much of its time sleeping or preening. The young aren't quite as handsome as the adults are, their beauty comes with age and they are highly valued by owners as they get older. Snorkats are very clever creatures and are easily taught new tricks.

Ambystoma twarkulus
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Twarkul come from tropical regions where they thrive on fruits, insects, and small birds. Twarkul hatchlings are entirely aquatic but, as they age, they are able to live both on land and under water. Mothers lay their eggs under rocks to keep them hidden from animals that might feed on them.

Speech Bubbles

These are just kind of a silly thing for fun... but if you want to, you can write your pet's name in the speech bubble and then display that image next to it! They come in a left and right version, so you'll have to take the one that will make it look like the speech is coming from your pet's mouth! All you have to do is save the bubble template to your computer, write whatever you want in it (whatever will fit!) and upload it to your own server to display next to your pet :) (don't worry about linking the bubble back - I'm not too concerned about them xD)

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