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Here is a listing of [eventually] all of my characters with short descriptions. Visit their webpages to learn more about them, view their artwork and fanart, and read their stories.


Rose Human
Rose the human is the webmistress and dreamer behind the website. She is quite the character herself!
Rose Dogsquirrel
Rose the Dogsquirrel is the fursona of human Rose. The two are very similar, but also very different in their own ways.
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Alan Lightning Caprah
Alan is a young teen and songwriter hopeful. He wants to someday publish his own album complete with songs written by him.
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Albert Plotsquid
Albert is an intelligent Plotsquid who delights in fueling Rose with her more creative ideas.
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Almor Scythanian
Almor is the former prince of a since extinct race of dragons. He now spends most of his time trying to start his life over.
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Cazal Horse Shark
Cazal is a young pirate captain who suffers from a curse placed on him by a mermaid. He spends time that he isn't pillaging to trying to cure that curse.
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Drev Amase'ere
Drev is an ex-convict-turned-pirate who spends most of his time living alone and hunting the strange spirits that inhabit his island.
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Godric Tiger Gryphon
Godric is a young general for the flying guard of his city. He takes pride in his position and loves to protect the city.
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Grover Tairoo
Grover is a middle-aged detective extraordinaire. He spends most of his time either reading detective stories or living his own.
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Igan Warthog
Igan is a college professor and a scientist. He spends time with his good friend Bennie whenever he's not studying or lecturing.
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Simon Fendrak
Simon is a big-time troublemaker. He plays tricks on anyone he can get his grubby little hands on.
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Sirius Haunterrier
Sirius is a young shadow-spook who lives the afterlife to the fullest. He lives in a haunted forest with his massive collection of stuffed animals.
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Tiri Rhyon
Tiri is Lani's younger brother. He's very smart for a kindergartener and loves to spend his time reading scary stories.
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Ainad Amase'ere
Ainad is a single mother living with her teenage daughter, Aire. Ainad and Aire live in a small cottage deep within the Wildwoods.
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Aire Amase'ere
Aire is a rambunctious teen who loves to explore and is desperate to meet a handsome guy. She lives in the Wildwoods with her mother and pets.
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Brenda Snowflake Geraplush
Brenda is a housewarming nanny and all-around helpful plushie.
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Lani Polynesian Diplodicus
Lani manages her own Bed and Breakfast on a tropical island for weary travelers or vacationers looking for a nice getaway. She regrets the relationships she easily forms with pirates through this business, though...
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Lian Panda
Lian is the young bride of a fierce Chinese warrior. She volunteers to help the soldiers whenever possible.
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Raj Desert Dormouse
Raj is the youngest daughter of a sultan who has since run away from home to escape the suitor situation her sisters are involved in. She has built a summer home on the tropical island so she can vacation there any time she wants.
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Romani Merkau
Romani is a young mermaid who is slowly trying to uncover the mysterious history of her people while working for the resident sea witch.
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Zy Cybercroc
Zy nearly died in a tragic accident but was saved at the mercy of cybernetic donor organs. Now she's put her new body to use in the most destructive manner possible.
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