About Me

All of the suitors coming to solicit my sisters were driving me crazy, so I packed up my genie and left my home in the desert. My father's been asking me to come back, but honestly I'm rather happy with this little "getaway". Who knows how long I'll stay?

The only drawback was that I had to bring my father's nosy cockroach advisor along with me. But if I can keep him out of my hair for most of the day, he doesn't bother me too bad. At least he's safe to keep around - I'd feel safer with Dawal in my pocket than I would flanked by two of my largest guards!

For now I'm staying at a quaint little Bed and Breakfast while my new home is being built not too far up the beach. The people I have met at the Bed and Breakfast have been fairly nice so far (with the exception of one...), so they've made my time on the island well worth it.