About Me

My name is Leilani Anah and I run a Bed and Breakfast called the Sea Chantey. It's a nice establishment on the shoreline of a remote tropical island where my brother Tiri and I welcome weary travelers. Unfortunately, my location sets me at the mercy of traveling pirates at times, but I have a pirate friend who had kindly taken us under his wing and protected us from further misfortune at the hands of his kind. The Chantey is actually the second one I've owned since the first one I built burnt down a few years ago. Owning a Bed and Breakfast was always my dream and the house has finally grown to be all I ever imagined it to be.

Since the Chantey has grown, we've started attracting all kinds of different attention; some good, some bad. Several of the neighbors never cease to give me a hard time, but I can't really blame them, I'm the one who keeps bringing pirates back to the island. I made the mistake of allowing one to stay with me when I was desperate for business and our house has never been the same since. One thing's for sure, I never imagined myself or my humble home to become so wrapped up in adventure as we have... To be honest, I've grown to like it.

We've had all kinds of strange guests come and stay over the years. Yes, several of them have been pirates, but we've also had a few royal refugees and regular vacationers. One princess in particular liked the place so much that she decided to move out here... She's a real pest to look after, so I'm looking forward to the day when she finishes building her summer home and moves out for good. Until then, she's a paying customer and I'll guess I'll learn to live with her. After all, Tiri's become rather attached to her camel.

Me? I'm an average-sized Diplodocus, much smaller than my Jurassic ancestors, that's for sure. I only stand about five and a half feet tall and about thirteen-fifteen feet long. I tend to struggle with my weight, but I also realize a lot of that probably just has to do with the way I'm built. I'm able to stand on my two hind legs to reach things when I need to, but I find it much more comfortable to walk on four legs when I can. Meiki is kind of petite for a Sharkat standing only at about 2 feet, but Tiki's averaged size since she could easily fit in someone's hand.

If I were human, I would probably look something like this. Rose has never RPed me as human before, but she's keeping the option open in case she ever needs to. Besides, it makes a little more sense if me and everyone I know is human... even if it's not as much fun that way.

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