Tiger Gryphon

   Godric's Blog

We're re-vamping the Fanart section, so the image that was up there has been removed. I have all of my customs up there now, though! I also have all of my Adoptables up on my page finally! And, to top it all off, I got a new official ref today!

Well, I've got a Fanart page up now! Only one image there, but I'll add the others when I can.

I finally have my own page here. It's a little worthless at the moment, but we'll get stuff added to it eventually.


Name: Godric
Gender: Male
Age: Early-thirties
Birthday: 1/23/02
Species: Gryphon
Class: Tiger
Sidekicks: Scaraby and Gawain (ref)
Reference: [here]
Hobby: Training, exploring
Favorite Food: Omelettes
Favorite Color: Red and black

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