My Stories

The following are my stories. I'll include a small description as well as a rating with each one. Click here for movie rating explanations as they're the types of ratings I'll be using for my stories. These will all appear in the order they happened to me, so you can start at the top and work your way down.

Drev's Escape Short Story Written 6/22/04 Rated PG
The war ends and Drev is discovered deep within the dungeons of the Citadel. He manages to escape and is taken in to recuperate in the home of a friendly warrior.
Voyage to the Clan Five-Part Roleplayed Short Story Written 3/30/04 Rated PG-13
This story tells the story of a pirate captain, a cabin girl, and a prison refugee during their long voyage to the safe haven of the Clan lands.
Unqual Island Short Story Written 7/1/04 Rated PG
This was originally written as my "Scouting Report" for the DC x) It happens shortly after Drev first arrives in the Clan lands. It's also the story of how Drev meets his little bulldog-gargoyle. Welcome to Unqual Island!
Payment Roleplayed Short Story Written 7/11/04 Rated PG-13
Drev happens across a young girl who annoys him to the point of offering her as payment to the pirate captain that has enslaved him. This story takes place before, during, and after his first visit to Ainad's house.
Arrival at Ainad's Short Story Written 3/18/04 Rated PG
Drev shows up at Ainad's house after years of being away and after she had forgotten him as dead. No one even knew she had a brother... so who is this mysterious dragon with the death wish for his so-called sister?
Like We Were Short Story Written 5/26/04 Rated PG
Ainad catches Drev spying on her and begs him to stay and hear her confession.
The Encounter Short Story Written 12/5/04 Rated PG
Ainad, Drev, and Aire meet a figure from their pasts who reveals a glimpse at their origin.
Past Revealed Short Story Written 2/18/05 Rated PG-13
Naya seeks Drev out on his private island to explain everything and to bid him farewell as she prepares for the end of her life.
The Passing Short Story Written 3/30/05 Rated G
Naya takes her leave and Ainad is left wielding her power. What could the strange arm brace possibly do for Ainad?
All in the Family Five-part Short Story Written 5/20/05 Rated PG-13
When Aire accidentally happens across Drev's island in one of her excusions, they form an unlikely alliance and find they have more in common than they could have ever imagined.
The Prince's Intro Short Story Written 11/20/05 Rated PG
Ainad discovers the new tie between Aire and Drev just before another danger befalls their family. The arrival of someone they had never expected to ever see...

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