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We've made some changes to all of my links including my Adoptable and Story links (some problem with php or something...). Anyways, they should all be working again, but you may have to change your bookmarks.

We've finally uploaded all of my Adoptables for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you read all of the rules before you try to adopt any of them.

Well, we've just uploaded several parts to my story so that section should be complete. I'm not so sure I'm comfortable providing such easy access to stories that weigh so much on me personally... but it is nice to finally have them all in one central location.

What a waste of my time... now I have yet another site to try and manage... *sigh*

Name: Andrevlin
Nickname: Drev
Gender: Male
Age: Early-thirties
Birthday: 12/24/02
Species: Amase'ere
Class: Scorpion
Sidekick: Kuive
Reference: [here]
Hobbies: Spending time alone. Sometimes whittling.
Weapon: Twin blades
Favorite Color: Green

  Close Every Door
Andrew Lloyd Webber

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