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We have just added an Adoptables section for my Adoptable Set. I suggest you check it out as it is very well-done in my opinion.

My fanart page is now complete. View it to see the fanart pieces that I've accumulated over the years.

We have added a Fanart page for me now. We'll try to complete it when we can.

I should have been a priority for Rose on the webpage project... but I suppose I'll just have to settle for getting worked on when she finds the time...

Name: Almorion
Nickname: Almor
Gender: Male
Age: 5,000
Birthday: 12/24/04
Species: Scythanian
Class: Undead
Sidekicks: Mordehn and Almquot (ref)
Reference: [here]
Weapon: Steel claws
Hobbies: Travelling, lurking in graveyards, dwelling in things past
Favorite Color: Red and black

  Der Traum Des Oenghus
Rolf Rudin

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