These are all of the images I've received! We'll list the full/larger images on the top as thumbnails and show the smaller, adoptable images on the bottom! Click the full image thumbnails to see the whole picture and click on the Adoptables to visit the maker's site!

Fanart 2006:
2006-07-04 Almor by Aludra 2006-07-09 Almor and Scortch by Kyper 2006-07-30 Almor Greaser by Mindsend 2006-09-30 Almor's Grave by Chutkat 2006-12-27 Almor Advent by Jamie

Fanart 2005:
2005-05-15 Bony Prince by Squeaky 2005-05-16 Almor Sketch by Katty 2005-07-21 Almor by Avalon 2005-10-23 Four Draiks by Katty 2005-12-05 Avalon's Favorites by Avalon

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