About Me

There are very few things that really effect me. I have a very flat affect and I rarely show emotions. However, somethings mean very much to me...

For example, I love women. I simply just... adore them. All women have so many excellent qualities and so much potential - I find myself attracted to almost every female who graces me with her presence. I hope that I can someday meet the one for me so that I can make her my queen and settle down to begin to raise a family.

There are things that I am strongly opposed to. For instance, I am opposed to any form of violence be it emotional, verbal, or physical. I know many of my feelings on this subject simply come from the way I was raised, but I can't stand any violent acts towards another.

I have been through and seen a lot. Someday I'll share all of my experiences. I fear that the truth would frighten you as my past is very dark and gruesome, but I can't change what has already passed, so I may as well share my experiences with those interested.

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