Oriental Dragon Adoptables

That doesn't look much like a normal dragon... But sometimes different can be good.

  • Do not alter these images in any way. Do not remove the word "RoseSagae.com", do not change the colors, etc.
  • Do not steal these images for use in a way that I will not be credited. I will find you, and you will be punished if you do so.
  • These Adoptables are only available for adoption through this page and on Almor's Petpage. If you find anyone else with a site that lets you adopt one of these images there, please let me know.
  • These Adoptables are CURRENT. That means I may open custom trades from time-to-time. However, I will only allow trades if they are open and if you follow all of the rules. The rules and trade status can bee seen in my Adoptable Trade Thread in my forum.
  • To adopt a Draik, copy the code provided beneath it using CTRL+C (Mac Users: OpenApple+C). The right click has been disabled to prevent stealing. Don't use it. Copy the code EXACTLY and don't alter that code in any way!

  • Original Release Date - 12/26/04
    Last Updated - 11/13/06

    Regular - Colored - Customs



    Regular - Colored - Customs



    Regular - Colored - Customs


    Custom trades will only be accepted when it says they are open my
    Adoptable Trade Thread in my forum.

    Ainadwen Lugiazai Mercy236 NazakaruZolantei
    Reliquem Theaserpent Mech Astrofuge
    Yukaeko Driftmoss Draiky_Girl Kiria908
    Ausuzu Captayn Alohuaki Furroxe

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