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We've got all of my Fanarts up on my page now!! We'll try to add my customs eventually, but hey, at least half of it's done!

I've got a new reference finally! Check it out, what to you think? :)

Well, I've got a fanart section in the works now!! Only one image there but hey, it's a start!

Finally, one of these for me! I'll try to get it updated when I can. Until then, check out the "About Me" section!


Name: Alan Tengate
Gender: Male
Age: Mid/late-teens
Birthday: 9/1/02
Species: Caprah
Class: Lightning
Sidekick: Buggy
Reference: [here]
Occupation: Aspiring rock musician
Hobby: Writing music and poems, playing music, being emo
Favorite Item: Drumsticks
Favorite Color: Black

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