These are all of the images I've received! We'll list the full/larger images on the top as thumbnails and show the smaller, adoptable images on the bottom! Click the full image thumbnails to see the whole picture and click on the Adoptables to visit the maker's site!

Fanart 2007:
2007-01-03 Birthday Crew by Tryn

Fanart 2006:
2006-07-11 Tympanista by Katty 2006-07-14 Alan and Fahwna by HollyAnn 2006-08-11 Another Time and Place by Ani 2006-10-27 Mistletoe Mishaps by Tryn

Fanart 2004:
2004-10-23 Ixi Galore by Tryn 2004-10-23 Alan Sketch by Katty 2004-10-25 Alan for Rose's Birthday by Blade 2004-10-25 Headbutt Handshake by Blade

Fanart 2003:
2003-04-06 Alan by Blade 2003-04-08 Alan and Awe by Lincoln 2003-04-08 DracoSaber by Lincoln 2003-04-09 Alan by Lincoln