About Me

I'll start out with a few things I like and don't like... for instance, I really love to sing, though I do most of it in private. I'd like to be a full recording artist some day, so I'll have to get over my shyness with singing eventually. I also like to hang out with friends and write my own poems and songs. Things I hate? I absolutely loathe babysitting. Who doesn't!?

I was abandoned when I was just a young kid. I was adopted by Grover and ended up helping him raise our two younger sisters, Ainad and Romani. I have no idea who my biological parents are, nor do I really have any desire to try to find them.

I had a pretty hard time when I was younger. I was kind of scrawny so I got picked on alot at school. I hit a really big break once, though, when a garage band formed by a friend of mine grew to be regionally known as "famous". It was nice to be a celebrity - even if it was only for a short time before we broke up. Since then, I keep hoping that I'll get another chance for a similar break, but I haven't had that opportunity yet. I keep practicing with the guitar and writing my own songs in hopes of someday going solo, but I know I still have a looooooong time before that's even a remote possibility!!

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