Aire's Blog

Added up my Adoptables section with a new set that's never been seen before (though "new" probably isn't the best way to describe it...) Enjoy!

We've completed the Fanart section finally!! It's got all of my fanarts on it right now and we'll put my customs there eventually!

Not much progress - we've finally got my stories finished, though! Now we've started woring on my Fanart. There's only one up right now, but don't worry, the rest will follow eventually!

About time I got one of these too!! I'll try to update it when I can, I have a lot of stuff that I need to add on here!


Name: Airaniel
Nickname: Aire
Gender: Female
Age: Mid-teens
Birthday: 12/24/03
Species: Amase'ere
Class: Firefly
Sidekicks: Quilly and Mr. Freeze
Reference: [here]
Hobby: Exploring, daydreaming
Favorite Item: Her pack, and bugs
Favorite Color: Blue


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