Christmas Light Draik Adoptables

I made this little Christmas-themed set to be Aire's first set... however, shortly after I made it, I drew the stars and liked them a TON better. So these little guy got forgotten, never to see the light of day.... until now.

  • Do not alter these images in any way. Do not remove the word "", do not change the colors, etc.
  • Do not steal these images for use in a way that I will not be credited. I will find you, and you will be punished if you do so.
  • These Adoptables are only available for adoption through this page. If you find anyone else with a site that lets you adopt one of these images there, please let me know.
  • These Adoptables are RETIRED. That means I will not be making customs of them, nor will I ever update them with newer colors. If there's a color you want to adopt, please refer back to Aire's Page for her current Adoptable Sets.
  • To adopt a Draik, copy the code provided beneath it using CTRL+C (Mac Users: OpenApple+C). The right click has been disabled to prevent stealing. Don't use it. Copy the code EXACTLY and don't alter that code in any way!

  • Original Release Date - 9/14/03
    Last Updated - 9/14/03

    Retired - 4/23/08

    Regular - Painted - Customs



    Regular - Painted - Customs



    Regular - Painted - Customs


    No customs will be done from this set.

    It was never released - and I don't plan on ever releasing it, so Aire's custom will remain the only one :)


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