My Stories

The following are my stories. I'll include a small description as well as a rating with each one. Click here for movie rating explanations as they're the types of ratings I'll be using for my stories. These will all appear in the order they happened to me, so you can start at the top and work your way down!

Arrival at Ainad's Short Story Written 3/18/04 Rated PG
Drev shows up at Ainad's house after years of being away and after she had forgotten him as dead. No one even knew she had a brother... so who is this mysterious dragon with the death wish for his so-called sister?
Like We Were Short Story Written 5/26/04 Rated PG
Ainad catches Drev spying on her and begs him to stay and hear her confession.
Celebrian's Escape Roleplayed Short Story Written 7/11/04 Rated PG-13
Celebrian escapes from the pirate ship where she's being held captive and finds rescue at Ainad's woodland cottage.
The Encounter Short Story Written 12/5/04 Rated PG
Ainad, Drev, and Aire meet a figure from their pasts who reveals a glimpse at their origin.
Hugs' Christmas Short Story Written 1/2/05 Rated G
Ainad's family gains a new member in the form of a strange-looking insect and Hugs makes a new friend.
The Passing Short Story Written 3/30/05 Rated G
Naya takes her leave and Ainad is left wielding her power. What could the strange arm brace possibly do for Ainad?
The Prince's Intro Short Story Written 11/20/05 Rated PG
Ainad discovers the new tie between Aire and Drev just before another danger befalls their family. The arrival of someone they had never expected to ever see...

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