About Me

I was hatched on a Christmas Eve, and began my live as a very normal dragon. My life was very simple as a child, I loved my family very much. I was raised by my two older brothers and my older sister. My life was generally very carefree, but I always wondered about where I had really come from and eventually set out to discover my true origins.

What I discovered shocked me and shook my foundations. I decided that I needed to leave the small town I had grown up in and form a new life elsewhere. I eventually settled in the Wildwoods where I built a modest forest cottage, fell in love and started a family. Unfortunately, that period of my life didn't last as long as I had hoped and I was left with a young daughter, a broken heart, and the shadows of my past bearing down on me.

My life since has been filled with magical twists and turns, bringing interesting and frightening new characters into my life at all times. My only desire now is to raise my daughter the best that I possibly can. Maybe someday my life will settle down enough for me to start fully living it again, but until then, I've come to accept it as it is.

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