Gingerbread Dragon Adoptables

A petite pink Dragon claps her hands together in a satisfied manner and eyes her handiwork. She's just spent all afternoon slaving over a warm stove with the company of her daughter, Godmother, and Nimbus - cheery Christmas music playing on her radio. This was her favorite time of year: not only was it Christmas, but it was also her birthday and her twins' birthday! What better excuse could there be to act so cheerful?

The oven interrupted a chorus of "Silver Bells" with a merry "ding" and they knew the first batch was done. "Can I help frost them, mommy?" asked Aire eagerly as she eyed the cookies being removed from the oven.

"Of course!" said Ainad, "I can't do them all on my own... do you want to make them for your friends?"

"And for Koj!"

That being said, mother and daughter both went to work as another batch of cookies began cooking in the oven. "I think they'll like these..." Ainad said as she concentrated on adding yellow eyes to the Dedo cookie. "I'm not sure if I remember what everyone looks like exactly, but I'll do my best!"

  • Do not alter these images in any way. Do not remove any part of them, do not change the colors, etc.
  • Do not steal these images for use in a way that I will not be credited. I will find you, and you will be punished if you do so.
  • These Adoptables are only available for adoption through this page. If you find anyone else with a site that lets you adopt one of these images there, please let me know.
  • These Adoptables are a Special Set. They will never be available for trade as they are gifts only.

  • Also, since they are free and Ainad isn't the best cookie artist (^^;; ) don't fret over a missed marking or whatever. You'll notice the cookies don't even have wings or tails... AND all of them are from the same cookie-cutter. So some of your custom designs might be a little messed up, but that's the way they're supposed to be :3

  • To adopt a cookie if one was made for you, copy the code provided beneath it using CTRL+C (Mac Users: OpenApple+C). The right click has been disabled to prevent stealing. Don't use it. Copy the code EXACTLY and don't alter that code in any way!

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    Last Updated - 7/17/05

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