Ainad's Blog

I finally have some of my customs up! We only have the ones from 2003, but we'll hopefully get the others up shortly. I'm afraid the whole things was a rather large undertaking! Hopefully now that we've got the basics down, adding the others won't be that hard!

We've changed a bunch of my links around - sorry for any confusion, but we were having problems with PHP (or something?). But it's fixed now! Enjoy!

My Adoptables page is now complete! Along with a brand new set. Isn't it cute??

I have a Fanart page now!! We'll work on adding them to the other parts of the site (and getting all of my customs up there!) but for now, you can view them all through that page!

Well, we've put up some of my Adoptables!! The others are up for the most part, we just have to change the "sig" on them. Once we've done that, I'll add them to my Adoptables page. For now, feel free to check out the Flankins and the Cirri!!

Yay, I finally have my own page!! It'll probably take a while to get stuff added here, though, so I guess I'll just have to be patient x)


Name: Ainadwen Eve
Nickname: Ainad
Gender: Female
Age: Early-thirties
Birthday: 12/24/02
Species: Amase'ere
Class: Dragonfly
Sidekicks: Hugs and Tuggy
Reference: [here]
Hobby: Knitting, cooking
Weapon: Dagger, invisibility cloak
Favorite Item: Pink throw pillows
Favorite Color: Pink

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