Welcome to the Literary Art page! I always wanted to be a writer when I was little and actually wanted to be the first 10-year old to write a novel (didn't accomplish that goal, BTW) xD Now I just write for fun and I'm hoping to someday write and illustrate my own childrens' books about health-related issues like washing your hands and accepting other children with disabilities :) I'd love to write a famous fantasy series someday (think: Harry Potter), but I'm not that great of an author yet, so I'm not sure if that would be a feasible goal for me x)

These are my stories. They will be listed in table format with a short description and a grading. Click here for movie rating explanations as they're the types of ratings I'll be using for my stories. I will rank these in order of completion to the best of my ability x) Please don't judge me by how horrible some of my earlier ones were ;)

The Revenge of Pinky Short Story Written 12/19/99 Rated PG
Wow, a story from junior high! This one was written for a class, though I have no idea what the objective of that assignment was xD I had a lot of help from my dad, so it's a lot better than it would have been had I written it completely on my own. It's a story about a battle between me and a pet hamster who could rival Chucky in a horror movie.
The Forest Beast Short Story Written 10/03 Rated PG
This was a spooky short story I wrote for a class. I'm normally not a big scary story fan, but I think I wrote this around Halloween ;)
Arrival at Ainad's Short Story Written 3/18/04 Rated PG
Drev shows up at Ainad's house after years of being away and after she had forgotten him as dead. No one even knew she had a brother... so who is this mysterious dragon with the death wish for his so-called sister?
Like We Were Short Story Written 5/26/04 Rated PG
Ainad catches Drev spying on her and begs him to stay and hear her confession.
Drev's Escape Short Story Written 6/22/04 Rated PG
The war ends and Drev is discovered deep within the dungeons of the Citadel. He manages to escape and is taken in to recuperate in the home of a friendly warrior.
Unqual Island Short Story Written 7/1/04 Rated PG
This was originally written as my "Scouting Report" for the DC x) It happens shortly after Drev first arrives in the Clan lands. It's also the story of how Drev meets his little bulldog-gargoyle.
The Encounter Short Story Written 12/5/04 Rated PG
Ainad, Drev, and Aire meet a figure from their pasts who reveals a glimpse at their origin.
Hugs' Christmas Short Story Written 1/2/05 Rated G
Ainad's family gains a new member in the form of a strange-looking insect and Hugs makes a new friend.
Past Revealed Short Story Written 2/18/05 Rated PG-13
Naya seeks Drev out on his private island to explain everything and to bid him farewell as she prepares for the end of her life.
The Pirate Guest Three-part Short Story Written 3/17/05 Rated PG-13
This is the story (told in three parts) about how Lani first met Cazal. This version is told in Lani's point of view.
The Passing Short Story Written 3/30/05 Rated G
Naya takes her leave and Ainad is left wielding her power. What could the strange arm brace possibly do for Ainad?
All in the Family Five-part Short Story Written 5/20/05 Rated PG-13
When Aire accidentally happens across Drev's island in one of her excusions, they form an unlikely alliance and find they have more in common than they could have ever imagined.
The Prince's Intro Short Story Written 11/20/05 Rated PG
Ainad discovers the new tie between Aire and Drev just before another danger befalls their family. The arrival of someone they had never expected to ever see...
Show Me the Way Short Story Written 1/7/06 Rated G
The pet dogs that have been loved and lost get a very special visitor during their time in Heaven. Focuses on the dog I lost in 2005, Skittles.
Tropical Getaway Three-part Short Story Written 1/7/06 Rated G
This story takes place with Raj's depart from her home and her arrival to the island Bed and Breakfast where she settles comfortably for the summer.

Compilation Stories
These are my stories that have been co-authored by friends. Most of these will have been RPs to start out with - I'll try to make it easy to tell which author was writing which part. They will be listed in table format with a short description and a grading. Click here for movie rating explanations as they're the types of ratings I'll be using for my stories. I will rank these in order of completion to the best of my ability x)

Voyage to the Clan Five-Part Roleplayed Short Story Written 3/30/04 Rated PG-13
This story tells the story of a pirate captain, a cabin girl, and a prison refugee during their long voyage to the safe haven of the Clan lands.
Payment Roleplayed Short Story Written 7/11/04 Rated PG-13
Drev happens across a young girl who annoys him to the point of offering her as payment to the pirate captain that has enslaved him. This story takes place before, during, and after his first visit to Ainad's house.
Celebrian's Escape Roleplayed Short Story Written 7/11/04 Rated PG-13
Celebrian escapes from the pirate ship where she's being held captive and finds rescue at Ainad's woodland cottage.

My fanfiction section is so large that I've moved it to a page of its own. Click here to see my Fanfiction Section on its own page!

These are all my poems. I'll list their title, rating, type, and date (to the best of my memory). Click here for movie rating explanations as they're the types of ratings I'll be using for my poems.

Angst Rhyming Poem 3/1/02 Rated G
Without You Abstract Poem 4/9/02 Rated G
Dream Abstract Poem 10/15/02 Rated G
Haiku Collection Haiku 11/12/03 - current Rated G
eBay Triplet 12/?/03 Rated G
All-Musician Sestina Sestina 12/10/03 Rated G
To the Snowflake Abstract Poem 12/16/03 Rated G
Dark Waters Abstract Poem 12/17/03 Rated G
A Tiger and his Goose Limerick 12/17/03 Rated G
Stars Rhyming Poem 4/30/04 Rated G
The Predator Abstract Poem 3/16/05 Rated G
United Rhyming Poem 9/3/05 Rated G
Gamecube Rhyming Poem 12/14/06 Rated G
Love Forsaken Abstract Poem 12/14/06 Rated PG

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