Show Me the Way
Short Story / Written 1/7/06 / Rated G

This story was written in honor of our two puppies. We had lost our dog of 11 years and had recently decided to get a puppy. I thought that our dog was in Heaven with the puppy before the puppy would be born and how cute it would be to see them side-by-side. So I drew them together and wrote this little story to go with it :)

It was a sunny day in the fields of Heaven. Skittles the Fox Terrier was playing with her best friends Scout and Sidney. They'd take turns chasing and tackling each other. Scarlett, Sage and Charlie were sitting together by a stream just watching them play and laughing about "young ones".

This was how the six friends went about the most of their days; simply passing the time until their beloved family joined them in Heaven. Skittles, who was the latest to join them, was delighted to find herself completely revived. She was able to run again - she was able to play like she used to. Charlie and Scarlett had been completely renewed too. And Scarlett was happy to see that she had not only recovered her eyesight, but she could now see in color.

Skittles barked once to get Scout to chase her before she realized that none of the dogs were moving. She cocked her head to the side, wondering what they were looking at before she noticed. She was nearly blinded by the light, but she was unafraid. All of the animals in Heaven felt comfort when He came by.

One by one, each dog lowered themselves to an elegant bow before He called out. "As you were, my dearest animal friends. I need to speak with Skittles."

Skittles blinked nervously before Sage nudged her in the side. Skittles trotted towards Him and whispered once she was near, "What's the matter, my King?"

"Do not worry." He said with a warm smile. "Your family is just as healthy as they were the day you left them. I only called you because I have an assignment for you."

"For me?" she asked, surprised that he would choose her, but already resolving to do the best she could.

He nodded and crouched down so that He was more at her level. She hadn't noticed at first that he had been carrying something, but she was surprised to see what it was.

"A puppy!" she gasped, "But Sir!! I was fixed a long time ago!"

God laughed, His booming laugh felt as though it caused the whole world to laugh along with Him. He smiled at Skittles, "No, Skittles, this puppy isn't for you... it's for your family."

"My... my family!?" Skittles gasped as she saw the little puppy squirming in God's arms. "But... how will she know where she can sit and where she can't?? How will she know when to let them know she has to go piddle? How will she know how to act when the girls' friends come over? How will she know to lie in dad's office when he's working? Who's going to teach her how to walk with mom? How to chase rabbits? How to tease Grandma's dog? How to whine when the girls leave for school? My family can't have just any dog!"

"I know that." God said with another smile. "And that's why I'm leaving her with you for the time being. Take good care of her, Skittles. You know your family better than anyone else. Show her the way."

With that, He laid the little puppy at Skittles' feet and stood back up. Skittles watched as the little puppy struggled to her feet and staggered a few steps before toppling over.

"She's due around the first part of next month. Your family will be expecting her next year - teach her all you can."

"I will." Skittles said with a determined smile. "You can count on me."