Rhyming Poem / 9/3/05 / Rated G

Inspired by the attacks of 9/11. Read the detailed description below.

To come together
A Country held strong
Our Nation's foundation
And freedom we won

Divided we fell,
United we stood
Supporting each other
For common good

The blood that was shed
By fathers of yore
Means more today
Than ever before

An attack that was meant
To tear us apart
Did nothing more
Than strengthen our hearts

Any problem we face
From that terror on
We can all join hands
And fight it as one

America is beautiful
But her people are more
Here for each other
More than ever before

Inspired while doodling in Government class, thinking on the founding fathers, the Revolutionary War, and the meaning behind the word "united".

*cue sappiness* I'll be the first to admit that I'm bullheadedly patriotic - but then that's not something I should 'admit' so much as shout it out for all the world to hear. While September 11th was and probably (hopefully) will be the most tragic thing I will ever experience - a lot more good came out of it than people think. We saw an entire nation, plagued by fear, take hold of each other and walk from the rubble standing tall. I know I probably can't be much to talk since I wasn't even anywhere near there... but I prayed every day for the families affected by the attack, and I'll forever idolize the heroes who risked (or gave) their lives to save others.

What was meant to hurt us... did. But it also helped us. I saw more people flying American flags every day, I saw people returning to family, I saw shirts and hats that said "FDNY", and I've never been more proud to play or remove my hat to hear the National Anthem. I've never been so unashamed to belt it out over the person with the microphone, or to tear up while singing. I've never found it so easy to connect with someone I've never met before - simply because we have one thing in common: we are both Americans.

So yes, while 9/11 was tragic, and we were shaken hard, I think our foundations are now stronger than ever. Our country will never be the same again. No, we've changed for the better.