A Tiger and his Goose
Limerick / 12/17/03 / Rated G

Limericks have always been one of my favorite kinds of poems <3 I don't even know what gave me the idea to write about a Tiger and a Goose... but it turned out really cute in my opinion. This one's always been one of my favorites x)

There once was a Tiger named Deuce
He was quiet, polite and recluse
He had but one friend
Though she was pretend,
His best pal named Lola the Goose.

Deuce and his goose played all night
As the others watched them in fright
They feared for his mind
If he played all the time
Imagining things that weren't right

They confronted him with their fear
And he grinned from his ear to his ear
"Maybe you can't see,
But she's real to me!"
He said in a tone quite sincere

The others just watched in suspense
As Deuce rattled off his defense
Then something they heard
They thought was absurd!
A goose-voice was calling them dense!

They were shocked at this sudden abuse
There was an invisible goose!
From there, Deuce's friends
Never challenged him again
And Lola politely granted them truce