To the Snowflake
Abstract Poem / 12/16/03 / Rated G

This poem was written for a class. We had read a poem similar to it in our text book called "To the [something]" (I forget who it was to!), but it was pretty much written to an inanimate object that they gave human-like characteristics to. I wrote mine in a similar manner :) By the way, my teacher liked this one so much that she emailed me that summer asking if she could publish it in... something and use it as an example for future classes (I know wtf, huh?). I agreed, but never heard back from her *shrug* At least I know she liked it xD

You must love it
Falling softly to the earth
As admiring humans
Gaze up at your path
You take your time
Dancing along
Behind the others
When you arrive
On the fluffy white
Layered ground
You gather the others
A big snowflake meeting
And you plot against us
Though we admire your beauty
And are oblivious
To that which you are conspiring
You and the others
You will be ice tomorrow
You and the others
Will cause many broken tailbones
Many slips and falls
On your behalf
Though the sun glistens
On your shiny surface,
Seemingly welcoming
The shadow falls on the human
Unsuspecting, cautiously
Treading your threats