Love Forsaken
Abstract Poem / 12/14/06 / Rated PG

This is another version of this poem. You'll want to read it twice :)

I miss the feel of your curves
Your soft, smooth body
How my hands fit perfectly around you

I miss the way you loved to be held
You were perfect, and we were perfect together

You were with me every step of the way,
Guiding me along, following my directions
In ways, it's as though we were of one mind
Together forever, a perfect match

But then things changed,
Someone new came along and you were carelessly cast aside

The familiarity gone, the comfort gone
She feels awkward in my hands,
Everything I knew has changed,
I'm starting all over again, realizing how hard it is without you by my side

I took you for granted,
I never knew what I had
But I have forsaken you
I regret the change, but I can never go back
I made my choice and I moved on
Perhaps someday the Wii Controller will grow on me as you did...
But it seems so foreign to me now

I'll miss you, Gamecube controller...