Rhyming Poem / 12/14/06 / Rated G

A random idea I got after playing Animal Crossing: GC for the first time after weeks of playing Wii :) If you like this one, check out its other version.

Your curves are perfect and so are you,
We're wholly matched, I know it true
Your body is soft and smoothly sleek,
But there is another that I seek.

I left you forsaken for someone else
Gave up your comfort and lost myself
She's not the same - no, nowhere near
And what we had is gone, I fear

I've lost our memorable times together
I regret it now, more than ever
Why couldn't I see that what we were
Would be the status I'd prefer?

I didn't cherish the times we shared
You never knew I truly cared
And now it's over, our love off track
I want my freaking Gamecube back!!