Abstract Poem / 10/15/02 / Rated G

I think I may have written this one for a class, but I'm not sure. It's not that great of a poem, but it's kind of inspirational, so... :)

Dream of touching the stars - though you feel small.
Dream of sailing to see all the nations in the world - though you are scared.

To overcome your fears and doubts and imagine a greater outcome is to dream.
To reach into your heart and find your deepest, most passionate desire - to crave and long for fulfillment is to dream.

What are my dreams? Dream of hope for the future...
... to love unconditionally
... to be equally loved in return
... to be successful and find pride in my accomplishments
... to be recognized by those I respect
... to laugh freely
... to bring cheer to those who need it
... to learn from my mistakes
... to look at the brighter side - always
... and through it all, the warm comfort of hope.

Dreams keep people going. What helps you persevere when you feel as though you canít go on anymore? Something to look forward to; something special is waiting for you.

Dream - Hope - Imagine - Aspire - Wish - Yearn

Never stop.

As impossible as it may seem,
one must never forget their dreams.