Dark Waters
Abstract Poem / 12/17/03 / Rated G

My Betta was the best fish ever. His name was Sushi and he was just... a total macho fish. I used to watch him swim and just grin stupidly to myself laughing at how, though he was so tiny, he seemed to think he was a great white shark lurking on the bottom of the ocean floor. Then I wrote this poem for him x)

Gliding through the dark cove,
His tattered fins waving behind him
Like ominous, shredded sails
These territories are his
He defends them,
Guards them with a watchful eye
Trespassers are unwelcome here
Suddenly, he senses something
His fins flail out behind him
Flags of warning to the threat he faces
Anyone should know better than to
Interfere with his cherished solitude
He is one with the waters,
Navigating them flawlessly
As he has done many times before
With a flick of his tail, he steers another direction
Swimming in endless circles
Deep in concentration
As the darkness looms all around him
Protecting his home for another day