All-Musician Sestina
Sestina / 12/12/03 / Rated G

This poem was written for a class. I think I was trying to write a sestina (see link above), but according to Wiki's description, I wasn't even close x) For some reason, I guess I thought "sestina" simply meant "poem using a lot of numbers". It was written about a band *shrugs* Enjoy.

Two-four time, two flats
Three ranges of clarinet
Two bari sax players
Four extra keys on a piccolo
One aged conductor

One shuffles their feet
Two turn a page
Three are out of tune
One plays a wrong note
Forty give harsh looks

Two reeds on an oboe
Eight notes in a scale
Three sections of music
Zero string instruments
One misplaced percussionist

Sixteen different sections
One person to lead
Eighty-four musicians
Playing as one