I have so many Fanfics that I had to put them on their own page! I've written fanfiction for years, starting with Sailor Moon over 10 years ago and eventually moving on to Magi-Nation, Legend of Zelda, Digimon, and Harry Potter x) These will be listed in table format with a short description and a grading. Click here formovie rating explanations as they're the types of ratings I'll be using for my fanfics. I will rank these in order of completion to the best of my ability x) Please don't judge me by how horrible some of my earlier ones were xD You'll notice my "newer" ("newer" because I haven't written fanfiction for years!) ones are much better on terms of MarySues and GaryStus. I eliminated a lot of my OCs later on x)

Digimon Fanfiction
I only ever wrote one Digimon Fanfic, but it was soooo long and involved that it may as well have been its own novel or something! Check it out - it's 11 hefty chapters!! Anyways, Digimon is © to Akimoshi Hongo.

A Digi-Invasion Digimon Fanfiction Written 2/11/01 Rated PG
This was my epic Digimon fanfic that I worked on for several months. It ended up being about 89 pages in MS Word x) I never finished it, but the story progressed and actually had a pretty decent plot! If you can ignore the massive amounts of MarySues and GaryStus, you just might enjoy it xD

Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
This is the only LoZ Fanfic I ever wrote (aside from the small one in the Crossover sectione). That's probably a good thing too, since it isn't very good xD

Ocarina Fanfic Legend of Zelda Fanfiction Written 1/3/02 Rated G
I wrote this one while I was still playing the game (IIRC). It's about a girl (me) who gets sucked into the game and end up helping Link on his quest xD Yes, I know you pretty much can't get any more MarySuey than that, but it was still a lot of fun for me to write x)

Magi-Nation Fanfiction
This was the only Magi-Nation Fanfic I ever wrote... and I didn't even get very far on it, but I still think it's funny, so I uploaded it anyways xD

Magi-Nation Magi-Nation Fanfiction Written 2/21/02 Rated G
On a way to a friends' party, Jessi ends up in the middle of nowhere when an earthquake sends her to another world.

Harry Potter Fanfiction
These are the Harry Potter Fanfics - which was really, kind of my last leg in fanfiction x) All Harry Potter concepts and characters are © to the incredible J.K. Rowling!!

Forbidden, A Draco/Ginny Romance Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 1/5/02 Rated G
This one was kind of written as a challenge simply because I was so H/G x) Draco and Ginny meet during the Yule Ball of Harry's fourth year and hit it off, not knowing each others' true identities.
Venenum Amor Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 1/15/02 Rated PG
Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneak into Snape's potions stores and fall victim to the curse associated with one of the stolen ingredients. The cure is simple... but it's certainly not the type of cure one would expect... (Harry/Ginny Version)
Swiftclaw Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 1/23/02 Rated G
A seventh-year HP fanfic, and actually, my first HP fanfic x) It was really MarySuey/GaryStuey, but it was still a lot of fun. My RL friends were going to be in it had I written more of it!
Orange Juice Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 1/23/02 Rated G
The twins steal Ginny's diary, but leave something important in her room putting them in her mercy. How will Ginny retaliate?
Tactus Invalesco Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 2/12/02 Rated PG-13
Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneak into Snape's potions stores and fall victim to the curse associated with one of the stolen ingredients. The cure is simple... but it's certainly not the type of cure one would expect... (Ron/Hermione Version)
Hogsmeade Holiday Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 2/13/02 Rated G
A MarySuey Christmas short story taking place during the Swiftclaw Fanfic timeline/plot. It's a cute, little fluffy piece.
Gnome Wars Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 3/26/02 Rated PG
This was a really strange piece I did as a collaboration with a friend. We entered it in a contest and I think we got honorable mention... The win didn't matter, the story was so weird and funny to write! Harry and Ginny get kidnapped by the Weasleys' Garden Gnomes and end up on the ride of their lives!
Mr. Ted Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 4/21/02 Rated G
This one was done for a contest. I think they gave us certain words we had to use and our fanfic had to contain all of them. Mine was just a cute little story about Ginny, Fred, and George as kids x)
Harry Potter, The Boy Who Squibbed Harry Potter Fanfiction Written 6/12/02 Rated G
This was one of the deliciously WORST fanfic ideas I have ever had xD I randomly thought one day "What would have happened if Harry had been a squib? Like... would the Wizarding World just fall apart or something?" and then I thought "omg "The Boy Who Lived"?? How about "The Boy Who Squibbed"!?!? OMGLOLWTF!!" Thus, this alternate-universe fanfic was born :)

Crossover Fanfiction
Crossovers are fanfictions that take place in one of more different fandoms x) You'll just have to read it for a better example, I guess!

Legolas vs. Link Crossover Fanfiction Written 2/27/02 Rated G
Legolas and Link face off in a Smash Bros.-Style Smackdown with Rose as the announcer!! This was written "chat-style".

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