Welcome to the Art page! I've been drawing pretty much my whole life. I only recently started taking it a little more "seriously" when I was in high school and really getting into Harry Potter Fanart. Before that, I was really into Sailor Moon and drawing anime things. From there I went to Neopets and since have kind of developed my own style. To save a lot of time and to prevent a massive headache, I'll only be uploading decent art or favorites.  Albert is here show you the way through the various Art sections. Just click below for the "type" of Art you'd like to view!

Completed Art
This is all of my completed art. Art in here will be either traditional, sculptural, photo, digital, pixel, or flash. All of them will be combined under the year they belong. Click a year to start viewing from there. As with everything else on this site, all of my art is for my use only. If I've drawn it for someone else or if I've allowed another site to use it, I will have mentioned that with the image. Click on a date below to start viewing:
2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 1999

These are the Adoptables I have available for public use. Most of them are Neopets, but there are a few others! This page will list each set I have and show examples so you can easily find the species you're looking for!

The doll bases and clothes are provided, all you have to do is customize it to look however you want! This section is still in the works, but you're welcome to check out what we've got so far!

I'll be the first to admit that a lot of my sketches are just... not even worthy enough to see the light of day xD But a few of them are pretty good and I'd like to show them off, or at least show off "works-in-progress". This is where you'll find those!

My Fusona and I haven't been around for forever and neither of us get a lot of fanart, but this is where we'll showcase the few rare little pieces we're lucky to get ;) All fanart drawn of a character will be added to that particular character's page - this section is only for fanart of yours truely! (Fanart of Rose's pets or family or whatever will be added here as well!)

Art Tutorials
In case you've ever wondered how I do something... or what it looks like while I'm working out it, you may want to take a look at my tutorials! I'm afraid they're probably a little too scatterbrained to really ever be of much help to anyone... but at least they're illustrated with screenshots to kind of help you through xD

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