These are all of the tutorials I've written for various purposes to explain how I do something x) I'll list them with the newer ones on top and the older ones on the bottom.

Pixel Avatar Tutorial 3/10/07
This tutorial walks you through the steps to make your own pixel avatar. It clearly explains how to both pixel over an existing image or how to start your own from scratch. It's done entirely in MS Paint for those of you who don't have flashy programs or accessories ;)

Pixel Icon Tutorial 3/26/06
This tutorial was made shortly after I really started making avs (and tuts for that matter!) so it's not done very well IMHO. It does show a sneaky way to shade if you have the ability to use layers in your program, though!

Applying Patterns Tutorial 11/26/05
A lot of my characters have "patterns" on their bodies. So, to save from having to re-draw that pattern every time I put them in a picture, I've used this method. It can be used for all sorts of things, it's just a quick walkthrough to get you thinking on how to make pictures easier for you in the long-run.

Pixel Adoptables Tutorial 10/30/05
This Tutorial walks someone through on how to draw out a little picture on the computer and pixel it - as well as how to save it and edit it to make it work for Neopets (or other) Adoptables. This one is done completely in MS Paint.

Coloring Makeables Tutorial 10/12/05
Makeables are little black and white outline pictures that people can fill in however they like so long as they link back to the original creator. This tutorial walks someone through on how to save the Makeable, and how to color and shade it. This one is done completely in MS Paint.