All of the art in this collection was done for Rose by other artists. Each artist will be linked or named under their image. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with a few of them... but really, they shouldn't be too hard to find if you just Google their name :p None of the art on this page should be used by anyone other than Rose or the original artist without their permission.

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Fanart 2006
2006-06-06 Ainad by Silverstein 2006-07-18 Rose Bathtub Adopt by Mindsend 2006-07-23 Raj Sketch by Kathy 2006-07-29 Zy Tyrannian by Aludra 2006-07-29 Vyala Showgirl by Katriena 2006-07-30 Tiri Sleeping by Aludra 2006-07-30 Almor Greaser by Mindsend 2006-07-31 Run Away Tiri by Tryn 2006-08-07 Raj Medieval Princess by Sammie 2006-08-07 Cazal Software Pirate by Meihua 2006-08-10 Igan Roman by Dreamwhisper 2006-08-11 Alan Futuristic by Ani 2006-08-11 Zy Sniper by Jamie 2006-09-30 Rose Headshot by Kaided 2006-09-30 Almor Grave by Chutkat 2006-10-01 Minis by Avalon 2006-10-01 Minis by Avalon 2006-10-02 Eggplant Man by Tryn 2006-10-06 Aire Bug Catcher by Auri 2006-10-25 B-Day Present from Kit 2006-10-27 Zy Headshot from Tryn 2006-10-27 Zy and Drev Fighting from Tryn 2006-10-27 Mistletoe Mishaps from Tryn 2006-11-02 Rose Fall Avatar by Ace 2006-11-30 Friends Talking by Katriena 2006-12-11 Rose with Mirror by Mindsend 2006-12-15 Rose Christmas by Shannon 2006-12-21 Rose Christmas by Para 2006-12-22 Almor Trad Fanart by Jamie 2006-12-25 Rose Trad Christmas Present from Kathy 2006-12-26 Christmas Presents from Meihua 2006-12-26 Christmas Presents from Lynn