All of the art in this collection was done for Rose by other artists. Each artist will be linked or named under their image. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with a few of them... but really, they shouldn't be too hard to find if you just Google their name :p None of the art on this page should be used by anyone other than Rose or the original artist without their permission.

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Fanart 2005
2005-01-05 Rose Chupacabra from Chesh 2005-02-19 Ainad by Kathy 2005-04-27 Ainad and Koarai by Katty 2005-04-27 Ainad and Koarai by Kathy 2005-04-30 PPadfoot Av from Pensivemoon 2005-05-07 Ainad and Koarai by Hil 2005-06-13 Ainad by Kathy 2005-06-20 Skittles Fanart from Nicole 2005-06-24 Ainad and Koarai by Silver 2005-10-23 Ainad Aire Drev and Almor by Katty 2005-12-03 Ainad Simon Almor and Cazal by Avalon 2005-12-12 Ainad Av by Marsi