All of the art in this collection was done for Rose by other artists. Each artist will be linked or named under their image. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with a few of them... but really, they shouldn't be too hard to find if you just Google their name :p None of the art on this page should be used by anyone other than Rose or the original artist without their permission.

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Fanart 2004
2004-01-01 Ainad and Koarai with Eggs by Marsi 2004-01-04 Ainad by Illu 2004-01-05 Ainad by Kay 2004-01-07 Ainad Skecth by Chesh 2004-01-11 Katty Lani Collab 2004-01-16 Ainad and Koarai by Kay 2004-02-17 Ainad Sketch by Galadrijela 2004-04-03 Ainad Sketch by Illu 2004-04-03 Koarai Ainad Valentine by Silver 2004-04-06 Koarai and Ainad by Kay 2004-04-10 Koarai and Ainad Sketch by Hil 2004-04-11 Koarai and Ainad in Clouds by Xeth 2004-04-12 Koarai and Ainad by Tony 2004-04-13 Koarai and Ainad by Medobots 2004-04-14 Whole Family by Joe 2004-04-16 Koarai and Ainad by Mew 2004-04-18 Whole Family by Ozz 2004-04-24 Ainad Anniversary by Chesh 2004-04-26 Ainad Anniversary by Squeaky 2004-04-26 Rose with Link by Chesh 2004-04-28 Ainad Anniversary by Ace 2004-04-28 Ainad Anniversary by Onestrangekitty 2004-04-28 Ainad Anniversary by Para 2004-04-28 Ainad Anniversary by Silver 2004-04-29 Ainad Anniversary by Tiger 2004-04-30 Ainad Anniversary by Dech 2004-05-01 Ainad Masquerade by Rachel 2004-05-05 Rose's Tail is Floofeh by Xeth 2004-05-06 Ainad Anniversary by Jag 2004-05-11 Ainad Adopt by Mira 2004-05-25 Ainad and Aire Sketch by Joe 2004-05-31 Family Picture by Silver 2004-06-14 Crayon Young Ainad by Silver 2004-06-26 Ainad Sketch by Xeth 2004-07-04 PurplePadfoot by Nicole 2004-07-13 Ainad by Kat 2004-08-22 Ainad by Willow 2004-09-01 Ainad by Rana 2004-09-08 Ainad and Shikku by Shikku 2004-9-26 Lani by Squeaky 2004-10-23 Lani Sketch by Katty 2004-10-23 Rose B-Day by Katty 2004-10-23 Ainad Birthday by Katty 2004-10-23 Ainad Birthday by Silver 2004-10-23 Ainad Aire Drev Sketch by Silver 2004-10-24 Ainad Sleep by Jamie 2004-10-28 Prisoner of Darigan by Ace 2004-11-06 Ainad Chase by Kathy 2004-11-16 Ainad by Rayinte 2004-12-31 Ainad by Lin 2004-12-31 Ainad by Lndy