All of the art in this collection was done for Rose by other artists. Each artist will be linked or named under their image. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with a few of them... but really, they shouldn't be too hard to find if you just Google their name :p None of the art on this page should be used by anyone other than Rose or the original artist without their permission.

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Fanart 2003
2003-02-07 Ainad by Esper 2003-04-06 Whispers by Yoshi 2003-04-25 Ainad by Claire 2003-04-27 Ainad by Tiger 2003-05-03 Ainad by Jackdog 2003-05-03 Ainad by Washu 2003-05-07 Ainad by Silver 2003-05-19 Ainad by Arbor 2003-05-24 Ainad by Elfordorro 2003-05-24 Ainad in Forest by Washu 2003-06-05 Ainad by Katty 2003-06-05 Ainad by Tatty 2003-06-14 Ainad by Chesh 2003-06-23 Ainad by Mewtara 2003-06-30 Ainad and Hugs by Claire 2003-07-04 Ainad and Hugs by Tiger 2003-08-17 Ainad by Chuck 2003-08-18 Ainad and Koarai by Kayleigh 2003-08-22 Ainad and Koarai by Mewtara 2003-09-04 Ainad and Koarai by Silver 2003-10-06 Ainad is Worried by Chesh 2003-10-11 Ainad Sketch by Arbor 2003-10-11 Ainad Sketch by Michi 2003-10-23 Ainad for Birthday by Joe 2003-10-23 Ainad for Birthday by Silver 2003-10-26 Ainad by Jag 2003-10-26 Ainad for Birthday by Kay 2003-10-26 Ainad and Koa Collab with Silver 2003-10-26 Ainad by Nel 2003-10-27 Ainad Av by Tiger 2003-11-13 Ainad Hatching by Washu 2003-11-13 Ainad and Koarai by Kathy 2003-11-16 Ainad and Hugs Collab by Tiger and Silver 2003-11-16 Ainad by Squeaky 2003-11-16 Ainad and Cupids by Squeaky 2003-11-23 Ainad by Kay 2003-12-17 Ainad and Koarai by Rachel 2003-12-20 Ainad and Koarai Collab by Linai and Katty 2003-12-26 Ainad and Koarai Propose by Silver 2003-12-26 Pata's Group X-mas Picture