Welcome to the Doll-maker!! Ever since I first got addicted to the internet, I've wanted to make one of these things x) So now I finally have! How it works is simple: you pick whichever parts you want and drag them to the little dressing field to the left. Instructions on how to save and how to change the image's background are found below. Please read the rules carefully before continuing.

Please read these rules before using!!
  • You must leave my signature ( on them at all times, even if you take the doll into your art program to work on it there. You are welcome to move the signature around, but it needs to stay on the actual image when it is finished.
  • You must link back to my site! Wherever you display your doll, it must be linked back to my site. This way, if anyone would like to make their own, they will be able to follow your link to get here :) You can either link directly back to this page or link to my main website address ( Here is a code that will allow you to do just that:

  • How to Save:
    Screencap the image by pressing the "Prnt Scrn" button on your keyboard. This will copy it to the clipboard. Then open your favorite art program and paste your screencap into there. From there you can crop and save the image and even add a few finishing touches if you'd like!

    How to Use a Background:
    Click one of the background previews above the dressing window to display that background in the window. You can select the white one if you would rather not use a background. Now you can build your doll on your background of choice!

    Female Bases
    Male Bases

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